DWTS Season 24, WEEK TWO – LIVE BLOG (Spoilers)

So, what kind of fresh hell awaits us tonight?? To be on the safe side, I’m going for a beer. Courtney will fill in if I’m not back in time. 🙂

T-minus 15 minutes…

Alright, let’s get this show on the road. Thoughts going into tonight’s show: I’m sure the Maks injury drama will be milked for all its worth. Erika going 2nd? Yikes, big trouble spot. But I will be shocked if anyone other than Chris heads home tonight. -Court-

Ummm, WOW. That was a pretty solid cha-cha from Nancy, and Artem didn’t hold back – he didn’t coddle her.  And she handled it.  Color me impressed 🙂

A 28 for Nancy.  Perhaps a tad underscored, but let’s see how the  rest of this night shakes out…

Ehhh…Erika really needed to stand out tonight, and I’m not sure that’s the dance that’s gonna do it.  Just a little too cool & at ease, and she had a couple snafus.  She’s not bad, but she’s not memorable.  Hmmm.

A 28 for Erika as well…and I think it was a skosh overscored, with respect to Nancy.  Just feel like Nancy did MORE.

I understand about 4 out of every 10 words Charo says. Please bring back the subtitles.

SWEET 8 LB  10 OZ BABY JESUS, RUPAUL IS IN THE AUDIENCE!!! *Drag Race fangirl squee* 😀

Charo gets a 25 and once again steals the show.  And poor Dave the head of security looks shook. 😛

Heidi’s back and she has wine…

Love Peta’s dress. Interesting choreo…at times I’m like “oh, that was cool” and then other times I’m like “okay, too much, too fast and kinda jerky” – the choreo is jerky. But he actually does pretty well.

While I agree with Len to a degree, he should be addressing those comments to Peta and not Nick. Same for Julianne. That 5 was ridiculous…did he get too many votes last week or something?

Heather’s outfit is super cute.

Yeah, that pop didn’t sound good…but remember this is a reality show and the editing is rather extreme. Not saying it didn’t happen that way, just cautioning people how this show is able to play up shit.

Len probably won’t like that middle bit. And of course she’s great at the Jive – she said it herself, that it’s closest to her own style as a PROFESSIONAL DANCER.

Oh Len. As usual I start out agreeing with you and then you take it too far. Julianne….SMH. Come on, quit playing the producers game. You could hire this girl to be a dancer on MOVE for christ’s sakes.

And I kinda have to laugh at these judges judging this girl who has as much experience as they do. LOL. I think she was a tad over scored, honestly. She needs to be judged to a higher standard. Honestly, I go back and forth on Heather; sometimes I see a funny girl, other times I see a bit of arrogance. I don’t like that they got a pro on the show, but at the same time…hell, I don’t know.

Bonner…still sooooo pretty. 😉 Oh god, the faux kiss. Please no. You get ONE of those, Sharna. Beautiful dress..but she is kinda doing the jerky choreo like Peta was. And was that dance only 5 seconds long? What the hell?

Man, Julianne…step away from the Bachelor, honey. Don’t be feeding the fauxmance crap. Or is that part of the producers plan as well? Anyway, I think Bonner did a pretty good job…and he’s sooo pretty. 🙂

Okay, Simone had a bit of a rough start on that one – I could see she wasn’t quite comfortable but she found the zone a third of the way through. Once that happened she kicked ASS. Great dance. I think she is a better dancer, from an emotional standpoint, than Heather is. I think Sasha has stepped up the choreo, thankfully.

The 7s are bullshit, frankly – far lesser dancers got 8s.

Okay, Chris and Witney’s edit is interesting. I kinda like Witney with him and I kinda wish he wasn’t going home tonight. It’s possible that I’m wrong, of course. LOL on the skirt of Chris.

Okay…I think that was an improvement!! They worked hard and he really learned it. He’ll never be a natural dancer but he was entertaining as hell. Definitely looser, tighter. Well done!!

I enjoy partnerships where I feel like the pro is experiencing some personal growth – and it seems like Witney is there this season. I like that.

Spare me the “travel edit” please. :::rolls eyes::: This was a CHOICE Normani made. BFD.

That was a very good dance…but was it a Cha Cha?? Sort of. And I see that Len is back on board…does Val need another MBT handed to him? Boring.

Oh Jesus. You know, I really like Normani when SHE talks. STFU, Val. Jesus. I will say that jet lag makes him less narcissistic and more funny.

Hmmm… David, Rashad and Mr. T going at the end of the show is VERY interesting. And possibly telling.

Sheet. Rashad making me happy with his shiftlessness in rehearsal.

Holy….that was DAMN good!! Kudos to Emma for the choreo and to Rashad for just being an amazing dancer. Wow. Amazing. So impressed.

Seriously, Emma has a real shot this season. Not that he’s a perfect dancer, but he’s a really good dancer with a confidence that is sexy, and he’s charming as hell…very good. Should be the high score of the night, the judges were nit picking.

Good score. I think all my votes are going here for the rest of the season.

Long time readers will remember that we always called Kym “she of the bodacious ta-tas” – she’s a goddess. More beautiful than ever. Dance didn’t have a lot of travel across the floor, but she tailored that dance very well for him. No experience, but he’s working at it. I find him endearing.

Good lord…I love David. I may have to split between him and Rashad.

And Lindsay continues her rep as the best female choreo, challenger is Emma. That was a great dance. David is not a natural dancer, but he is so freakin’ fun. CAI is crap…but she is actually doing him a favor. I don’t think you can be mean to a guy like David – you’ll just piss of all those cubs fans.

Julianne is on target with his charisma. I’m all over David.

That score is fair. I’m not mad.

Okay, time for an elimination. Here we go…

Jeopardy – Chris/Witney

Jeopardy – Charo/Keo

Everyone else is safe.

Eliminated -> Chris and Witney. 🙁