Simone Biles Week 2 Blog – Judges Who Talk are “Scary”

That’s something that hadn’t occurred to me – that getting actual verbal feedback in addition to a score would be scary for a kid who’s just waiting on the numbers. And, no lie, these judges can be humiliating at times. I don’t envy her that. Check out to read her whole blog – it’s pretty good, but short.

But even though we got a 32 out of 40, getting feedback from the judges was a little scary. In gymnastics we just get a number but on DWTS they get to tell you what they think you did wrong. It’s nice to be told what you need to improve on, but it’s terrifying for that to happen in front of the entire world!

Getting ready for this week’s show has been very different than premiere week. Last week, I think I picked up the dance a little easier, but this week we have cha cha to Jessie J’s “Burning Up” and I’m finding it challenging.

The actual steps are not the hard part. I’m supposed to be sexier in this dance and that’s not something I’ve ever had to do before. Sasha has been really working with me to loosen up my body and to make sure I’m showing the emotion of the dance on my face.