Dancing With The Stars Normani Kordei Writes Of Preparing For Her Third Dance In Japan

Normani Kordei writes of preparing for her next dance in Japan which has definitely been an experience this week. She’s excited about it too. From Hollywood Life

Preparing here in Japan has been a different experience — one that I’ll definitely remember. For instance, in Hong Kong at the Mariott Hotel, there wasn’t even a ballroom that we could rehearse in. We had to literally rehearse in a meeting room which had carpet, so I couldn’t even wear the proper shoes that I’ll be wearing for my actual performance… so I’ll have to adjust on Monday. But it’s been nice, and I’ve been really nice though, pumping through and learning the steps.

Last week, I thought that I did pretty good. I think that everything really did come together, especially considering the short amount of time that we had and how tired I was. I literally will never forget how tired I was seconds before I was about to perform. I had to drink coffee… and I don’t even drink coffee. It was very fun, and I’m really grateful for Val. I know I’ve said it before, but I probably wouldn’t have gotten through it without him — being able to look at him and knowing I’m not going through everything I’m going through alone. He’s feeling exactly how I’m feeling as well. It’s a really cool experience to have a buddy to go through it with you.

I’ve learned my routine for the Foxtrot for “Big Spender” by Shirley Bassey, and it’s Vegas week! So it should definitely be more theatrical, and I get to step inside another character and outside of Normani. Everything is pretty, big and super animated with personality and character and commodity. It’s pretty cat and mouse, and I’m excited. It’s gonna be dope!

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