DWTS Season 24, WEEK THREE – LIVE BLOG (Spoilers)

As I said in the “Who’s Dancing…” post, I can’t imagine anything worse than Vegas Night. Hopefully a few of the couples (and Derek and Julianne!!) will prove my imagination and worries unfounded. 🙂

t-minus 15 minutes…

Well, call me crazy, but I liked that opening number. I liked how they had the celebs well integrated and how they were all doing different aspects of Vegas…especially David and Sasha as dueling Elvis’s. 🙂

Man, Nick going first? Better spot…but they’re determined to have him be underscored, I think. Good on Maks for the pep talk!! Nicely done.

Yay!! Nick did a pretty darn good job on that one. A few shaky spots – head turns could have been sharper. Len come ON – that was full of content!!

Peta is stunning, let’s be honest. 🙂 They treat Nick like a ringer…and he’s not. Much more harsh with him than they are with some of the other men.

Again with the CRAP scores!! WTF?? This is beyond ridiculous.

I love Mr. T. And I Love she of the awesome boobage. :::sigh:: But going second is not a good sign. And neither is Julianne’s gushing. Girl, learn to disguise it.

Seriously, I think T is going home, but still, they only gave Nick two points higher than that? I love T, but he’s not close to Nick. It’s just wrong.

Not being able to do big tricks, Sharna, means you have to be a CLEVER choreographer. Just sayin’.

Bonner’s feet are to low energy. Not picking them up enough. He’s a bit too soft. I think he’s insecure in this dance actually.

Thank you, Bruno. Agree completely. Okay, glad to see it’s not just me. Sorry Sharna – they’re right.

Wow. Beautiful. It was the ending that killed me. Amazing.

So, will Heather get called for the lift? Great dance, but shouldn’t it be? As I will say every week…she’s a professional dancer. She should be amazing. I think she actually had more impact with Alan than Maks, oddly. Probably just the style.

Yes, Len – she was terrific enough to be on So You Think You can Dance. Duh.

This is actually kind of confusing. Heather got a crap spot in the running order, and now they are kissing her ass. Hmmmm….

Hmmmm…Charo getting a pretty good edit. She’s not a total maniac, just passionate? Okay.

The setup to Charo’s dance is amusing me. Who’s idea was it to have Hayley left at the alter. 🙂 Then there was the gay couple and the drunk couple. That was pretty cute staging. Charo didn’t do half bad. And they’re being pretty nice to her. Wonder if she’s maybe leaving.

Bring it Sasha and Simone!!

Oh dear. Will they get called for breaking hold in the middle?? Hope not, since heather wasn’t called for her lift. Good quickstep, though! I think she needs to do more to stand out though, despite the nice top of the hour spot.

CAI, kiss my butt. I notice you missed Heather’s lift. And again they go straight to scores for Simone without giving her the interview time. It’s these subtle things to keep people down.

Artem fangirling is killing me. 🙂 Damn, Hayley – killer bod, girlfriend. Nancy is getting into it! She did a great job! She had a minute of a glassy eye disconnect but she was right back in it right away. Overall – well done!! She held her own dancing next to the babies too. 😉

Love than Nancy is getting the love, finally. She did a great job.

Okay…sorry. Had a wine emergency. I’m back now. Not sure I’m thrilled that they keep giving David the crazy stuff. Don’t want him to get pigeonholed.

He is hilarious though, I’ll say that. Hold the phone – he pulled the sexy parts of pretty damn good!! Hell, that whole dance was pretty damn entertaining. I liked it!

Agree with the judges – that was really good.

Erika is actually a good dancer. The problem is…and will continue to be, I think…that she’s kind of a nonentity on the show. She’s not really making an impact and that’s partly on Gleb. Not a bad dance at all, but you can kind of tell by the reaction of the judges (low energy) that she’s just kind of there. I’m not even sure she was off time, per Bruno…just no impact.

Raaaaassssshhhhhaaaaddddd!! Love him. Bit of sloppiness right in the beginning but he tightened up real quick and in a good way. He’s so in to it.

Sad to say that I agree with Julianne – there was something off in that dance. Bruno might be right about going on the wrong foot.

Score was fair. Not worried about him. Once again, another front runner without the last name Chmerkovskiy who doesn’t get the Erin interview. Bet we get to hear Val talk ad nauseum.

Gag on the whole “flight from Japan” thing with Normani – she made a choice! Give it a rest.

Again it occurs to me that Normani needs to be the one talking in this partnership. She’s actually quite sweet, when allowed to speak.

Was this a foxtrot?? Not much content, although he got into the dance quicker than normal. Sure it was a great dance, but there was not much in hold.

Question, why are the judges soft peddling their comments. Is Val such a baby behind the scenes that he can’t handle a solid Len critique? And we’ve finally hit the pimpage portion of the season. Pimp spot and ass kissing and high score of the night. :::sigh::: Same old DWTS.

Jeopardy – Charo and Keo

Jeopardy – Nick and Peta

Everyone else is safe. Who’s going home??

Charo, of course.

How did we do??

I said that Mr. T was first choice, Charo was Number 2.

Courtney: Mr. T was her first choice, Charo was Number 2.

Vogue: Mr. T was her first choice, Charo was Number 2.