Nancy Kerrigan Writes On Why She Was Nervous For DWTS Last Night And More

Nancy Kerrigan has written about this week’s dance with Artem Chigvintsev. She talks of how she missed some steps in dress rehearsals and being nervous, but, their dance came together for the Live show. From Team USA including information on their next dance….

After hair and makeup and a couple of run-throughs, it was time for dress rehearsal. Finally, we were dancing later in the show which most people think is good but I wasn’t so sure.

There is something to be said for being warmed up and going right out to perform. Waiting around can be complicated. You cool off, have to occupy yourself.

And that is exactly what happened in dress rehearsal. I missed a couple of steps and as a result, was pretty nervous before the show.

But then in the show it all came together and we had an exciting performance which was a thrill. The judges’ comments were amazing and getting the first 9 from Len was very cool.

So this week was very satisfying and allows me to move on to Week 4 where we will dance the foxtrot.

Lots more on the week at Team USA.