Chicago Cub Manager Joe Maddon Makes DWTS Statement On David Ross

Chicago Cub manager Joe Maddon is so proud of David Ross for what’s he’s doing on Dancing With The Stars. See why below. I love this…

“It was great,” Maddon said Tuesday. “I’m so proud of him. We all should be proud of him. First, we talk about being uncomfortable. He’s got to be absolutely uncomfortable doing all of that.

“I’ve only known him for a couple years. I couldn’t be more proud of him. I think it’s awesome. Whatever he does after this experience, it’s only going to benefit that. I’m a big believer of all of that. The complementary effects of really reaching outside of your comfort area. Bully for him. He’s doing great.

Anybody who wants to be a hater on that one, please, try to do what he’s doing. It’s pretty spectacular.”

Well said! More at the Chicago Tribune.