DWTS Season 24, WEEK FOUR – LIVE BLOG (Spoilers)

Most Memorable Year…usually the night of rumba and (poorly done) contemporary. Be sure to check the “Who’s Dancing” post as the running order has been updated…and it ain’t lookin’ good for Nick, dang it. Not sure what they have against him.

Oh and CAI said she wants me to come on DWTS and dance with her. LOL. I think she really wants Derek and got me by mistake. 😉

Okay, these intros are SOOO scripted it ain’t even funny. I think it was Normani and Nick that gave it away – neither are actors so there you go.

Normani was a darling little girl. 🙂 Hi grandma!! Okay, that was a pretty long package – we should assign someone to time them to see who’s getting hosed.

Pretty pink dresses. Len shouldn’t like this Rumba since it has no softness to it at all. Too hard and staccato. And then there’s that lift – almost like he said “fuck it…too hard to keep the foot on the ground”.

Did Len just admit that he was going easy on Normani because she’s been traveling?? Sounds like it to me…and that’s BS.

Sorry judges – it wasn’t that good. It wasn’t pretty – it was strong and powerful but that’s not what I expect to see in a rumba. You better call that lift, CAI – it was so freakin’ blatant.

Oh goodie, they gave one of the Harmony girls a mic. Someone take it away. STFU Val. Jesus. We’re now 16 minutes into the show and there has been ONE DANCE. Who tries to claim that Val and his partners never get pimped.

That 9 was pretty generous. I agree with the rest of it.

Now, a Bachelor commercial. 😀 Come on Nick, I saw rehearsal footage and you were doing good hip action.

Who’s body are we in love with here? I’m thinking Nicks. 😀 Is CAI gonna call the lift of Vanessa? Hope not.

Agree with Julianne – he did very well with that Rumba. I liked the Choreo better than Val’s – by a lot. Still a bit too hard in spots. Have to be honest, I missed the dress bit with Vanessa, I will have to rewind.

Bet they still give him 7s even with the claims of his best dance yet. Len, you stingy old goat.

Nancy – this will connect massively with the audience, IMO, so they put her in the 3rd spot to lessen the impact. Miscarriages plural. That’s rough.

Dang…another lift! And this time right in the middle of an (extremely sort) dance. I mean, wasn’t that dance shorter than the other two by a mile?? Beautiful, romantic dance, though. She’s a beautiful woman too.

I like Julianne’s hair tonight…

Great score! Love Emma creeping up on Nancy to give her a hug. 🙂

Love you, Mr. T. You are awesome. And how amazing does Kym look even in rehearsal?

This song makes me cry every damn time. :::sob:::

Massive improvement by Mr. T!! His best dance yet. Love him.

Mr. T is the first celeb tonight to not get an Erin interview – not cool. Val opens his fat mouth to expound along with 5th Harmony and Mr. T gets nothing.

Heather is so….flat. And I’m not buying her crying either. It’s like her Glee Character.

ANOTHER lift – what is that? All dances but one so far? This was choreographed by Maks – only a Cbro puts that much running and stair climbing in a dance. Her dancing was good, but the choreo was sub par. Of course they drool – but she is a PROFESSIONAL DANCER. Yes…I will be repeating that every single week.

Hmmm…they are gushing quite a bit over a dance that was kind of a non-event. Wonder if she’s having trouble with the votes.

Oh come on, seriously? Hugely overscored.

Lindsay’s dress is gorgeous. Davis is doing great job with this dance! Needs to tuck his bum. I didn’t see Lindsay leave the ground either, so it is possible.

Shut up, CAI – dude is a baseball player and I enjoyed his dance much more than the professional dancer’s. I liked Len’s comment – no idea what he said, but I liked it.

So far, Mr. T is the only dancer to not get Erin time. I wonder if that means anything. I guess we’ll see.

Oh boy, David is going to get all the votes tonight since they played the dance live at the banner raising.

Oooo Rashad, you handsome, handsome man. Even cute as a baby. Damn, his brother is handsome too!!

Okay, now I’m crying. That’s what a real man looks like.

And with that, Rashad should be back on top. Best dance of the night, by a mile. Most emotional dance as well.

Fantastic job by Emma Slater. Best contemporary dance since Derek and Kellie.

Well deserved 39 – fantastic!!

Rashad is the second person tonight to get no Erin time, but he did get a lot of Tom time. The show doesn’t seem to be running long either.

Is this a cha cha or a bunch of posing? I keep forgetting Erika is even on this show. Really CAI? Fantastic? Len’s got it right – same ole same ole indeed.

Oh great, Gleb picks up the C-boy habit of grabbing the mic and talking. Just what we need – for all the russians to blend together it to one mouthy, indistinguishable blob.

Ugh. Like we don’t see enough of Ginger Zee.

Simone got hosed on the package. Too short, not enough emotion. I still cried, but I sensed a heavy hand in the editing booth.

Beautiful dress. Beautiful dance…and I’m crying again at the end. She kinda got hosed with a V. Waltz because of the technique required…but dang. Great job again.

Bonner’s package just made me cringe. Ouch. Decent dance, I wasn’t overly impressed. Sharna is choreographing a lot of stopping and starting. It was good, but no better than 8s in my opinion. Gotta agree with Len.

I think the producers should be kicking themselves by not having Rashad going last – his dance was far superior and much more emotional. Dude is going to win this season barring serious manipulation…I’ve been saying it for two weeks now.

Okay, here we go….

Jeopardy – Mr. T and Kym

Jeopardy – Erika and Gleb.

Leaving us tonight is….Mr. T and Kym.

Totally bummed. Court and Vogue called it, I said Erika first, then Mr. T.

Watch out next week Erika.

Another prediction for next week: Rashad, David in the last half hour because they killed it in votes tonight. Normani also in the last half hour because the general audience forgot she danced and she’ll need some help.