DWTS Season 24, Week FOUR – Dancing by the Numbers!

Yeah, still thinking Erika. 🙂

My track record isn’t so good so far though. Ah well, some seasons you got it and other seasons you don’t.

I didn’t see anything to be terribly outraged over this past Monday. Funny that our big ringers pretty much leave me cold. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both are dancing with Chmerkovskiys. They just kinda fail to really show their partners in a positive light. Too much talking, walking and not doing the assigned style. Val is doing a better job than Alan/Maks is, but really dude – STFU and let Normani have her moment.

Anyway, let’s get to our scores.

Now that’s a nice looking set of scores. One of the things that did bug me Monday night was the admission by Len that they were going easy on Normani while she’s traveling – that didn’t do her much good this past week.  In any case, that shit has to stop. The bias that is now being admitted. The bias, period.

This week is not that interesting – you have to figure from looking at the scores that it’s either Nick or Erika – there is no more low hanging fruit. Not really. NEXT week is when it starts getting interesting. Shit’s gonna get REAL. 😀  Here’s how it stacks up for Nick and Erika.

Now, remember, Nick and Erika only need to get ONE more vote per million votes cast to be safe over the other. I have to believe that Nick, fresh from a lead role in one of ABC’s big shows, is going to get that one vote over Erika. She really hasn’t been making an impact and he’s arguably better known.

Both of them only need a bit more than 3k votes per million votes cast to get past David – but do you REALLY think that is going to happen? Dude had his dance played live in Cubs stadium and they put the voting numbers up on the big screen. I think he’s doing fine in the votes department.

If it were next week instead of this week (and Erika were gone), I would be really worried about Bonner and maybe even Normani. We’re heading into “shocking elimination” territory. But I guess they will use Normani’s lack of travel as an excuse to give her all 10s or something.

Anyway, when you look at the leader board above Nick and Erika, it’s pretty difficult to imagine someone other than one of those two leaving. But let’s pretend for a moment that they’re both called safe. What happens then?

As you can see, David only needs around 3k more votes per million votes cast to beat Normani or Bonner. Doubtful (but you never know) that he’s beating Normani, but I would bet he definitely is beating Bonner. If Nick and Erika were magically safe, my money would be on Bonner going home this week.

But they’re not magically safe – plus both would have to get 6.2k more votes per million votes cast to beat Normani and Bonner. I wonder, though, how big Erika’s fanbase really is and if Bonner is not making an impact like I suspect. Perhaps we’ll get a shocking elimination this week. 😉

But I don’t think so. I think it’s going to come down to Erika and Nick with Erika departing. If they’re both called safe, start worrying about Bonner.

Sorry to be so brief – I suspect a lot more analysis will be required next week when all the easy people are gone.  Stay tuned –  I have something new coming for you tomorrow. Hope you like it.