Dancing with the Stars Season 24, Week 4 – Manipulation Mayhem

The last several seasons, you’ve heard Courtney and I complain ad nauseum about the ways that this show is manipulated. Sometimes subtly and other times very overtly. From lack of interviews with Erin, to lack of overall PR, to song/dance assignments, to the packages.  Most people don’t even notice it because the tendency in humans is to believe what they see – even when they should know better.

Ironically, when we have a Bachelor on the show is when I think to start this series – the Bachelor is probably the single most manipulated, produced, heavily edited (however you want to phrase it) show on television that is so-called “reality”.  Here is where I plug the show UNreal which is a take off on the Bachelor series and is a (supposedly fictionalized) scripted – more scripted – drama.  Fantastic series – I highly recommend it. Produced by a former Bachelor producer, it will REALLY make you think twice about how much you believe on DWTS or any other reality show. Read more..