Dancing With The Stars Season 24 Disney Week Blogs, Update On Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Peta Murgatroyd says Nick is feeling more confident after last week’s performance on Dancing With The Stars. Read why below. She also gives an update on Maks Chmerkovskiy who most likely won’t be back tonight to dance….

I think Pinocchio is a great character for Nick because, in the past, he’s gotten some comments about being a little stiff. This week, that natural stiffness is going to work in our favor as part of the character!

I’m so excited to see everyone else’s routines! I know Maks was hoping to be back on the dance floor this week, but I don’t think that’s going to be happening. At home, he’s dancing around a little and is able to put more and more weight on his leg but he’s not fully back to where he was before his injury. I’m really hoping — and I know he’s hoping — to be back fully next week!

But for now, I’m focusing on tonight’s routine. I think that Nick is feeling more confident after last week’s performance and I’m hoping we can continue our trend of getting better and better scores!

Also, we are going to see another side of Erika Jayne tonight on Dancing With The Stars. Read on….

Disney might not be the first thing people think of when they think of me, but you have to remember that everyone is a complex human being. No one is just one way all the time. I grew up loving disney movies and love going to the park, so this is not a stretch.

But don’t expect a fish costume or anything. It’s a slow, more controlled dance. It’s definitely tricky, but there are some really beautiful parts to it. It’s a very elegant, intimate and sensitive dance that focuses on the emotional connection between you and your partner. It will be really sweeping and pretty and romantic.

I think the judges have been looking for the softer, more feminine and vulnerable side of my personality, and I think that’s what we aim to give them this week. I hope that comes across!

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