Nancy Kerrigan Writes On Disney Week On Dancing With The Stars And More

Nancy Kerrigan has written about Disney Week at Team USA. It was a long week, but, she had a lot of fun getting ready. Here is more….

By Friday (my husband and I took the kids to Disneyland for Brian’s birthday in the morning), the number was really taking shape and on Saturday we felt really comfortable with our progress so that on Easter Sunday, other than for some required camera blocking, we didn’t have rehearsal!

After what seemed like a long week, Monday morning finally rolled around and my 7 a.m. call time got me to the studio in time for a morning of fitting a red wig, getting my makeup done and costume finalized and, oh yeah, rehearsal for a group opening number.

And what an opening number it was. Loved being part of it. And loved all the costumes for tonight…but then again, it’s Disney!!

I didn’t dance until eighth though, so I had to stay occupied by watching and practicing…and then the new wrinkle of finding out the results before the end of the show. So it was a little strange to know that we had already advanced to Week 6 before we danced.

But with everything behind us, we got out on the dance floor and once again things came together and we performed what was a really fun jazz number. It was great performing with a group of dancers and perhaps dancing as a character other than myself allowed me to really lose myself in the music.

So Disney Week was a success and now it’s on to “boy bands vs. girl bands” and a team competition. Never a dull moment on “Dancing with the Stars”!

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