DWTS Season 24, Week SIX – LIVE BLOG (Spoilers)

If you’re timing the show for me this week, please see Manipulation Mayhem for some pointers on how to do it – we’ll get better results if everyone does it approximately the same way. Thanks in advance. 😉

Team Dances!! Ah, makes me think back to the good old days when they actually had to do Ballroom – much more difficult than freestyle. And I miss those good ole days. I think the first one might have been my favorite…

Changed my mind…I think I like the kicks at the end of this one the best…

Here’s a lesson in never pre-judging the teams. Lil Kim makes an error and Ty dances better than he ever has, while Gilles the front runner did okay…

I could go on all night. Since they started doing freestyle some of the difficulty has gone out of it. No rules has that effect.

T-minus 7 minutes…

That opening makes it pretty clear that two of the women are ringers, don’t it?

Simone up first, which means she will be underscored and she’s likely to have the least screen time on top of it.

“sexy is stretching it” LOL Simone.

Rather obvious mistake in the first section making it too easy for the judges, unfortunately. She’s definitely not comfortable doing this style of dance. Plenty of content, for sure. I think I agree with Len, depending on what number he throws out.

Huh. Sexy? Only comments on the timing, nothing about the obvious mistake. CAI very kind. Hmmmm…scares me they’re being so nice.

Ok, looks like she’s going to get some Erin time for only the second time this season. Erin, meet Simone. Simone meet Erin…

Oh Simone you lucky, lucky young lady. Who wouldn’t want to have Rashad draped over them. HEY, who would have thought that Nick would be the hard ass on the scores? Good overall score for Simone. I guess this means everyone else will get 10s…everyone female that is.

This is the first I remember seeing personality from Bonner. They’re doing contemporary? Oh, wait…rumba. Took a long time to get going. Not doing horrible, but he’s not very flexible. Okay it got a bit wonky there in the middle.

I guess that’s a good dance for him. Bruno is right there was a lot of stop and start in there, but that’s what you have to do with a non-dancer. Petal alert, CAI…or a mic wire.

I love guest judges who danced one season and are suddenly experts. :::smirk:::

Really Nick? Simone and Bonner get the same score from you?

Nancy looks beautiful once again!! I love how she swears and then puts her hand over her mouth. They’re getting a crap edit…she might be doing too well with the voters.

Okay, that beginning part was super cool with the camera in the rotating cage. Very cool, different – maybe too long, but… She then started kicking it’s ass, then had a messy part in the early on part, then she started kicking it’s ass again. Ultimately, one short little messy part but man did she get it back together.

Oh that’s too low of a score, especially since Bonner got 8’s. Hosed her. I don’t think she should have to pay that much for that messy part. I would have given 9s. I can almost guarantee that neither of the ringers will be given that much choreo. Artem is impressing me with his work and I ain’t easy. 🙂 His choreo sure looked harder than Maks and Mel B’s.

Peta Murgatroyd buzz kill, ladies and gentlemen. 🙂 Okay, she gets better throughout the package. That’s right Nick, just have fun.

Well, well, well….I gotta say, at first I was like “what the hell is up with this tempo” and I moved quickly into “damn, he’s doing a great job”. He did very well, I thought. He’s NOT A DANCER – he did a good job. He never got off time, and he didn’t miss any steps.

Overly harsh judges. Kinda ridiculous. I suspect that he’s really damn safe and they’re going to make sure that doesn’t happen again next week.

Yeahhh….remember last week’s DBTN when I suspected that they overstored Nick with the assumption that he was going home?? LOL – they tryin’ to make up for that error now by going in the opposite direction.

Yeah you can do anything you want…when you’ve trained for it since you were three. :::rolls eyes::: Kinda ironic she’s dancing to Pussycat dolls, eh? Her being a bigger ringer than Nicole, and Maks dragging Nicole for years before.

Capable Val?? She’s a RINGER. Start with the standard C-bro walking. Standard High kick. Was there salsa in there? Toward the middle yes…kinda blew that lift didn’t they?

Too much hop hop, not enough salsa, but she’ll get raves….oh, second flip lift came out awkward.

Right on, Len. His calls were predictable. STFU Val! Jesus!!

She does have it, Nick…17 years of training. Of course she did great, Val didn’t give her anything much outside what she was trained for. As Court said on twitter – jazz with arms. Or something like that. 😉

David getting a shit edit too apparently. Lindsay very brave working those lifts with a non-dancer. Brave or stupid – we’ll see.

Okay, that was impressive. Seriously. Best AT ever? Of course not, but David – like Nick – is NOT a DANCER. That was damn good. A proper AT. I didn’t see any mistakes, I saw some shakiness. The judges are KILLING me. Assholes.

Look, Nick, David, Rashad and Bonner are not dancers. They have zero training. Yet they are pulling off some decent dances with content, while the ringers are NOT doing the assigned movements and getting much higher scores – and they have YEARS of training. Never has this show been more lopsided than it is this season. And they have never judged the dancers against each other – until now it seems. What a shit time for them to start comparing dancers to each other.

Emma looks stunning yet again. “treat me like a football”? LOL

Rashad, you are one fine lookin’ man. And you are getting a great edit which is nice.

Good choreo from Emma, there. Loved the beginning. With that crap song for a tango, you work with it. Rashad did very good over all but got a bit stompy there towards the end.

I agree with Len this time, my critique would be similar – I suspect that I would score it higher than Len will however. We’ll see. 😉

Good score for Rashad – I think he should be tied with Normani just for having a ton more content.

Heather has a frown-y smile. Just an observation.

Let’s see if Maks can get more content in his Rumba. I wager he can.

Chmerkovskiy walk – check. Other than that, lots of good content. Len might not like it for not enough light and shade, but I liked it! Safe to say that Maks out choreographed baby bro by a lot. This is the first time I’ve liked Heather’s dancing.

Hmmm…she’s getting the under-talk from CAI. Where she says all the right words but her tone is depressed. Interesting.

Erin, you never looked like that because you’re not a professional dancer like Heather is. But I understand you have a script, girlfriend. My job is to remind people who the professional dancers are. 🙂

Ugh. Results. Before the team dances.

SAFE: Team BOYBAND HOLY SHIT. And actual shocking elimination. I can no longer concentrate.

Okay, pull it together. At least the boys are having fun and the women’s reaction is hilarious as well. 🙂

Well I have to say, that was a damn good dance. The women are all good choreographers and they did a really good job. Lots of good sync. I’m sure there will be complaints about the shirtless part, but they had plenty of good dancing in there.

I think we see why the men were getting hosed on scores though, since they are all safe. Bruno just called it a mess and I think it was anything but. I sense some underscoring coming…which implies that they are aiming to prevent another shocker.

:::runs to look at the numbers:::

Okay, here is what I said in my numbers post. going with Heather.

So, I’m going with Bonner being eliminated – mainly because 13.2k votes is kind of a lot for him. BUT, if Bonner, Rashad and David are all called safe, it comes down to Nick and Heather and are YOU certain that Heather is getting one more vote per million votes cast than Nick? I’m not positive. That’s when things could get interesting. Me thinking that Heather would be next is probably wishful thinking on my part and my second choice should be Nick. Should be. ?

The men got totally screwed on that score…but we already know why, don’t we? We do.

Are the women going to dance at some point? Or just be girly?

So far, not impressed with the Women’s dance. Not at all. It had far less dancing than the men did. Very strange. Seemed shorter too.

Thank jesus, CAI is on target tonight. Nick is totally full of shit. Len is on target as well. That dance was a piece of crap, honestly and two of my favorites are on the team.

Utter bullshit, overscored. That totally sucks.

Safe – Simone

Safe – Normani

Eliminated – Heather

Man, I almost called it (see above) – I just didn’t think the shocker would happen this week. I thought it would be next week.

Note: Seriously lacking in class, Maks. Very disappointed in you – you might not have intended it, but that was some mean shade you just threw at Alan, dude.

You saw what I said, and going back to look Courtney had Nick, followed by Bonner, then Heather. Vogue had Nick going, then Bonner, then Nancy, THEN Heather. So, essentially, we all thought the shocker would be next week.

Finally, when will you negative Nancy’s (pun intended) start to listen to me?