Dancing with the Stars Season 24, Week SEVEN – Who’s Dancing What…and When?

I can’t even tell you how much I dislike the whole immunity BS. This whole week is a not-so-cleverly designed way to make sure the men start leaving and the women are all safe. Actually, I doubt they are worried about anyone other than Normani – probably couldn’t care less about Nancy or Simone. But most disposable, in the eyes of the judges, are likely all the men sans Rashad. :::sigh:::

See the gallery below to get the rules of “Movie Night” – did I know it was going to be Movie night? I don’t remember. 😉 Also, according to one of our “MOVEers”, Cathy, Julianne will not be judging this coming Monday, due to the tour location.

ETA: I added a couple guesses (??) based on DWTS Instastory.

ETA2: Did someone say Double Elimination? Whoever you were, you guessed right. Press release just came out. And when I said yesterday that Julianne wouldn’t be judging Monday, it appears I (or my source) was right also. Mandy Moore is sitting in as guest judge. So, it’s Movie Night, high score gets immunity, every one else dances off, and then we send two people home. What a nice, relaxing (craptastic) night. Oooooo….Nancy has to do a Tango to Pretty Woman. Guess who did that and very, very well – Derek and Nicole. And David/Lindsay got hosed with a Sci Fi Salsa – nearly as bad as a futuristic paso. But if anyone can handle it, it’s Lindsay.

ETA3: Want to know who Derek and Julianne like on DWTS?? A Derek fan who was at a Meet and Greet last night asked them…and kept a close eye on Julianne the whole time. 😉  Also some interesting commentary on Heather…nothing we haven’t said here, but interesting to hear her express it.

Simone and Sasha – Theme: Silent Films
Charleston (Song: “Charleston” by Bob Wilson & His Varsity Rhythm Boys)
Phone 1-800-868-3412

Bonner and Sharna – Theme: Western
Paso Doble (Song: “Rodeo: Four Dance Episodes” by Aaron Copland)
Phone 1-800-868-3401

Nancy and Artem – Theme: Romance
Tango (Song: “Oh Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison)
Phone 1-800-868-3408

Nick and Peta – Theme: Action
Argentine Tango (Song: “Dangerous” by David Guetta featuring Sam Martin)
Phone 1-800-868-3409

Normani and Val – Theme: Foreign
Argentine Tango (Song: “Quizas Quizas Quizas” by Jennifer Lopez)
Phone 1-800-868-3410

David and Lindsay – Theme: Sci Fi
Salsa (Song: “Universal Mind Control” by Common)
Phone 1-800-868-3404

Rashad and Emma – Theme: Horror
Paso Doble (Song: “Oh Fortuna” by Carl Orff)
Phone 1-800-868-3411