Tips To Attend Dancing With The Stars In Person – Guest Blog By Christine

Some of you may know Christine Ballart (aka @CBallart at twitter). She’s also a fan to our sites and posts in comments. Recently, she was able to attend the premiere of Dancing With The Stars Season 24. She wrote some tips for anyone wanting to attend the show in person and what to expect. Read on and THANKS Christine!!

Anyone that has gone to Dancing with the Stars in previous seasons knows it’s pretty cool. But, no one has really written a blog about what to expect once you arrive there. I decided to write this blog of my experience for anyone thinking of going to DWTS at a later date. These are basically tips for the day of the show so that it can run smoothly for you while everyone else is confused or running around like a chicken with their heads cut off like I was when I got there.


1. Get there early! Whether you use a wheelchair like I do or not, you should get there early. When you check in at the security gate and they tell you where to go you need to be specific about whether or not you have a wheelchair/walker in your party because they will have you park and then unload and walk to wear you need to go.

2. Once you get to where you were told to go, you will be lined up in different lines and brought in by sections. I do advise that if you need to use the restroom, do so before being let in as there are portable bathrooms outside and there is another bathroom before being let in.

3. You will need to turn in your phone and they will give you a ticket to get it back at the end of the show. Before you turn in your phone, turn it off. I forgot to shut mine off and I got a bunch of tweets/texts during the show.

4. After the show, if you took a cell phone with you, go collect it then immediately leave the premises. There are way too many people around for you to just stand there.

5. Be sure that if someone dropped you off, you designate a pick up spot because of the amount of people coming out of the building from the show.

6. If you are seated next to the dance floor, there will be a dance party before the show. I highly recommend that you get up and dance! It’s so much fun!

7. Keep your eyes peeled for dancers/celebs around the floor and celebs in the audience. Alan was right by me talking to a reporter for a while and the audience had celebs and past pros there.

8. Lastly, Have Fun! Boo the judges when you don’t agree with them! Make noise whenever they tell you too! This was the most fun experience I’ve had in a while and will never forget it!

Another Side Note: If you loved Florence Henderson, there is a star on the dance floor by the judges’ table on Carrie Ann’s side. Go pay your respects. It’s a beautiful tribute to a lovely lady. 