Audience Loving Lesley Ann Warren And DWTS Tony Dovolani In “Dance To The Movies”

Have any of you seen “Dance To The Movies” yet? Currently it’s touring on the east coast. Newsday has a cool article on it and how Lesley Ann Warren and Tony Dovolani are nothing short of amazing together. Below is a take from the story….

“They asked me literally last week while I was on tour in Staten Island if I could do this one, too,” Warren says. “So it should be an adventure because I’ve never done a musical in the round.”

Producer Scott Stander isn’t worried. “The audience goes nuts for her,” he says. “She’s 70, but she still looks like Cinderella. During her first number, the audience always starts cheering.”

More of a challenge, Warren says, has been the hectic touring schedule. “I’ve done Broadway and theater in L.A., but I’ve never gotten on a plane and the next day performed in a city and then gotten on a plane and flown from one coast to the next,” she says. “The performing itself is exhilarating and fantastic, but the traveling is exhausting.”


In addition to Warren, Stander is happy to have Dovolani touring with the show, especially since he could not perform two years ago in Stander’s previous dance extravaganza, “Ballroom With a Twist.”

“People love his energy and natural ability to connect with the audience,” Stander says.

To read more, see Newsday. For tickets to the Beverly, MA show on April 29th, see this link. For more upcoming shows, go to Vivid Seats. For updates on any cast additions, changes, and more, follow Dance To The Movies Facebook.