DWTS Season 24, Week 7 – LIVE BLOG (Spoilers)

Yay. :::sarcasm::::


Very pretty opening number, although I didn’t need to see Maks tongue. πŸ™‚

Love Normani’s hair like that. Love Rashad and Nick. πŸ™‚

I see Kenny Ortega, Bindi’s little bro and mom and Lea Thompson in the audience so far.

LOL to the Cowboy socks. πŸ™‚

Taking quite a while to get started and not much content for quite some time. This is why I hate themes.


Bonner is very handsome. Problem is…I forgot that till just now.

Yeah Mandy probably gave notes to every dance tonight so I’m sure it’s totally fair she’s judging. :::rolls eyes::: Mandy is probably the one who did the production design on that whole set.

That 8 was pretty generous.

Good package for Nancy…and she looks AMAZING.

Dance was beautiful!! STFU Mandy. That dance was pretty flawless, IMO.

Artem was happy, but I feel like there should have been one 10 in there.

ERIN!! They need votes REGARDLESS!!

Okay, fantastic dance from Simone and Sasha – they never stopped, great tricks…everything you need in a good charleston!! Fantastic. If they find a way to not give her a perfect score, I cry fowl.

BS critiques. Saving their perfect score for Normani, clearly.

And another great dancer gets hosed so they can hold on to their 10s for someone else. Only one 10??

:::sigh::: Love Dove from Hairspray, but I could live without this number. Spend more time with the competing couples. Of course, pimping this movie is likely the only reason we’re having movie week to begin with, so…

Ah that’s why Kenny Ortega is in the audience.

I really like Maks when he’s in the show like this. And the package with Nick – I’m sorry, but I can’t help but like the guy. He’s got the self deprecating thing going on and the whole “man love”? Hilarious dead pan.

Peta is just stunning. And that dance was pretty damn good! Surprisingly good, actually.

CAI is full of shit. Amen, Len. He has gotten much better.

LOVE Rashad’s little storyline. πŸ™‚ Dance was pretty damn good although he had a couple weird little hop things but it could be interpreted as part of his zombie like thing he had going.

A qualifier from Len which means he’s getting a 9. Damn it. I predict a 38 or 39, leaving room for Normani.

BS comments from CAI again. Jaysus, retire that woman.

UNDERSCORED. Of course “someone” will get a higher score. MY ASS!

Oh David, I love ya. Just the personality and how he doesn’t take himself too seriously. And LOL, Lindsay.

David has the most unforgiving movie theme of the week and he pretty much kills it. Stiff at the beginning but man he really picked it up once they got going. Lindsay gave him some great choreo, actually.

STFU Mandy, you’re just annoying me. Never has a season annoyed me so much with the judging of the complete novices versus the total ringers.

So Normani gets the pity edit. I bet there are three other people hurt right now that we aren’t hearing about.

Great dance from Normani – but as expected from a trained dancer. But by giving her the injured edit, they can drool even harder over her.

Why the F@#K does Len give Val more of a platform? The man talks far too much already.

Spare me the raves – she’s a trained dancer. Quit pretending that she’s so far above everyone – she should be. The disparity this season is just ridiculous.

LOL, Nick. “I like Laurie Hernandez better.”

I see the usual plotting and planning between the couples has gone on. Good for them. Although I don’t think the other folks wanted Rumba…okay, maybe that’s true. Hard to say.

Did the say how many points Normani got for her immunity? Was it three? She should be safe next week with no problem. :::rolls eyes::: I sure would like Val is he could man up and dance with a complete novice and still be present and choreograph dances every week. He’s been so spoiled now though that I doubt that would happen.

So, in the online voting is shows Simone in the lead, but the TV shows Nancy and it had Nancy before they even started dancing. I think Simone is taking it – plus she started dancing quicker and did more varied steps. Online voting ended showing Simone with the edge.

Yeah, first time tonight I agreed with the judges. Not be a lot though.

That was clearly Rashad’s, no question. Rashad only wins the viewer vote by 54% which speaks to the cubs fanbase and is why I don’t think he’s going anywhere tonight…and maybe not next week either.

So…headed to NYC this weekend. Been there many times but does anyone have any suggestions?

Peta is giving Nick quite a bit more dancing to do, while Bonner nearly falls out of a spin. That should go to Nick, not that it probably matters.

Kissing both their asses means the judges think they’re both going home. Makes me a bit sad in Nick’s case. But the guys were totally screwed this season – the last four women in the competition are ringers of one level or another.

That’s a bullshit scoring, IMO. I thought Nick did far more and Bonner was falling out of that spin.

SAFE: Simone

SAFE: Rashad

Safe: Bonner

SAFE: David

Eliminated: Nancy and Nick

Sorry, I just don’t get the appeal of Bonner. At all. I would rather have Nancy and Nick both.

Well, this is a wack ass season, for sure. That’s my qualifier when I say that once upon a time, the order in which people were called safe reflected the combined totals. That speaks to Simone and Rashad in the top two spots, and who knows where Normani falls. Here’s hoping David knocks her out in Week 9. But will the judges just over score the crap out of her from here on out?