DWTS Season 24 Trio Night – Promos, Teasers, Interviews, And More Before Show Time

It’s almost dance time! You can watch some promos, teasers, and a new Ellen interview with Val and Normani below. Also, Simone has written a new blog a People. Here’s a take on tonight’s dances with Sasha…

This week we have two routines to perform: a foxtrot and then our trio dance, which is a paso doble with [troupe member Brittany Cherry].

Sasha chose those two dances for this week because he wanted to show off both sides of my personality on one night. The foxtrot shows off my happy, cheery side and the paso doble is much more aggressive and intense.

Getting to do the trio dance with Brittany has been a lot of fun. We love, love, love Brittany so much, and I really enjoy dancing beside her because she’s someone I’ve always enjoyed watching perform. I can learn a lot from her.

The paso doble has been really great because it’s all about being sharp and aggressive, which is a lot more like gymnastics than most of the other dances I’ve had to learn for the show.

ETA: Here is Sharna talking on her new dances with Bonner this week….

ETA2: Here is more with Emma and Rashad from Friday’s Access Hollywood interview….

ETA3: Peta and Maks talk date nights