New David Ross Interviews On His New Book, Dancing With The Stars, Parenting, And More

David Ross was on Good Morning America today. He talked on his new book and how excited he is to be in the semi-finals on Dancing With The Stars. He plans to dance for the rest of his life. So cute!

You can also read a fun interview at Parade. I love what David said on his kids and parenting. What a good Dad!

You look like you’re having fun.

For sure. I don’t take myself very seriously. I’m out to have a good time. And keeping with the theme of the last couple years of my career and some of my great teammates, like Ryan Dempster, that talked to me about enjoying the moment. This was definitely something way outside my box.

I also wanted to be an example for my kids (Landri, 7, Cole, 6, and Harper, 1). I’m always talking to my son especially, about doing stuff that you may not think you’re good at but you might enjoy. I wanted to put myself out there and show them Dad may fall flat on his face but he’s willing to try something he’s not good at in front of millions of people.

Do you think being on the show has made an impact on them?

I’m hoping so. That’s the thing with parenting. It’s so scary because you’re doing the best you can and trying to be the person that you want your kids to be and give them the values that you feel like are important. You don’t know how it’s gonna pay off.

A few weeks ago, I was getting ready to get voted off and my wife said my kids were so stressed. They didn’t want dad to get voted off.

Lots more at Parade.