DWTS Season 24, Week 9 – LIVE BLOG (Spoilers)

Well, I’m almost afraid to watch…and honestly, I’d rather be in bed. Coughing. Damnit.

First prediction of the night….they put Rashad and Simone in jeopardy after calling David safe.

Can Val do the 12 bars in hold? I think he better. Gee, Val, she would be better in hold if you would have been choreographing ballroom this whole time.

Typical Chmerkovskiy – takes forever to get started. The music is bad and it’s  resulting in a very staccato V. Waltz – looked more like a tango starting out. I do love the camera effect though. Because because it’s the judges dance they will all kiss ass – until they get to Simone anyway. I didn’t actually see the stumble the judges saw, but I AM sick. 🙁

9’s – seems about right. And once again, Val, STFU!!! It’s no wonder I have no clue about Normani, dude is a microphone hog.

Oh boy, Simone’s edit. Not sure what that means.

The lemon idea is kinda fun and David embrace it of course.

Butt still needs a bit of work. Lindsay also takes a bit to get started, but David isn’t a trained dancer so it’s more of a tactic than just stupid time wasting.

Agree with Julianne’s comments, he is what the show is supposed to be about. Also think that Lindsay did a good job with the choreo.

Was that Donald Driver in the audience??

Oh boy. Normani is getting the Nightline treatment. That can’t be good for one of the couples I actually LIKE.

STFU, Carrie Ann. That is such a BS critique. It’s what you say when you’ve got no other excuse.

That was a cute, fun jive! Loved it. and I love Simone’s little top. Very cute outfit.

Perfect score. I agree…but…since Normani is getting Nightline, I think she’s safe. Which puts Simone in danger, along with Rashad. And David.

Bruno does crack me up and he’s giving decent advice,IMO.

Beautiful dance from Rashad and Emma – very well done.

Important thing to remember, judging by the comments on this post, that the judges round almost always gets tongue baths. Every season – none of the judges have the balls to really critique a dancer that another judge has been involved in coaching.

Anyway, that was beautiful. I loved it. Actually a good sign that Len gave a bit of a nitpick. Totally agree with Julianne on being the man in the dance.

Agree with Tom…that is a dramatic departure for Cheryl. I think I liked it. I’ll be interested to see how her tour does with current market saturation with MOVE and DWTS tours.

My brother had to leave New Orleans and not know what was happening with his house. It’s no joke. This is the first time I feel like I got to actually know Normani. Maybe cuz Val isn’t there to hog the spotlight.

Now, the question is, can Val choreograph a decent Jazz? Did you ever notice that more often than not his partners are in ballroom attire even when doing non-ballroom dances? Not a huge deal, but I think it might signify a lack of imagination.

High kick.

High kick. Lots of jive, little jazz, cuz Val don’t know what to do.

Not a *bad* dance, just not very impressive for someone with her credentials.  But the judges will rave cuz she’s on Nightline tonight.

Dang, Len, really? A “dash” of Lindy? Nearly all Lindy. A standing O for that? It was a good dance, no question – but it wasn’t vibrant or exciting or any of the other superlatives that they’re spewing.

Look out, Val trying to grab the mic. And he succeeded, but Erin cut him off.  He almost does the pee pee dance when he’s trying to get the mic away from Normani.

Pisses me off that everyone else got ballroom and Normani gets Jazz – of course it’s a perfect score, there are no rules. Meanwhile everyone else in the second round will get nitpicked over their feet or their shoulders or their hands.

I’m waiting for the big reveal that will explain the ass kissing and pimping that Normani and Val are getting. Perhaps we find out on Nightline?

Seeing David do a decent tango makes me remember something that a fan told me Derek said in a Meet and Greet the other night. A fan asked Derek who he would want as a partner if he did the show as a celebrity. His choices? Emma…and Lindsay. He adores Emma, and he says that Lindsay is very “sweet and creative”. He’s right on.

That was a lovely dance. And I can’t decide if he’s staying or going – the judges are schizophrenic. This is usually the part of the season where they get invested in being right – which means they go from gushing over people who are leaving to gushing over people who are staying. But they are SO invested in Normani that that might throw them off.

Hmmm…if he’s staying, those 9s might be trouble for Normani. He’s not many points down from her and this would put him in striking distance…

Simone looks exactly the same as when she was 3. So cute.

Yikes. Lift. Accidental, but that’s giving CAI license to be a dick.

Was that dance really short or was it just me? It looked beautiful but I feel like I missed part of it.

Man, I think Simone is going home…judges can’t resist sending peeps off with perfect scores.  If she does go home it will be HOW MANY times this season that they’ve been utterly transparent? Get a new game, idiots.

Good Lord, Rashad is a beautiful man! Hopefully Donald is Rashad’s good luck charm.

Damn, I loved that quickstep! Not technically perfect but as close as a total non-dancer is going to get. Fantastic!

OMG, Len. It took a long time to get started?? Have you been watching Normani?? That describes her and Val every week.

SAFE: Normani (booooooo)

SAFE: Rashad

Jeopardy: Simone and David

Eliminated: Simone


Of for fuck’s sake, spare me judges. That faux shock was patently ridiculous. You simply can’t shred a girl week after week after week and expect it to NOT have an impact. How freaking stupid are the four of you? Jesus…you need to start reading this damn blog. And now, thanks to you, it’s likely that Normani wins because the same sheeple who didn’t vote for Simone on your word is voting for her. She’s a nice enough girl, but it’s not been earned.

The bright spot? They might have actually believed David was leaving (cuz they are so fucking clueless about this show) so they put him in striking distance of Normani.