PureDWTS Season 24 – ABC Announces Dancing with the Stars Spinoff for Kids **POLL**

Sooooo…this is interesting.  According to TV Line, ABC announced a DWTS spin-off at the upfronts presentation today – it’ll be called Dancing with the Stars Junior, and will feature kids:

DWTS Junior will take both celebrity kids and kids of celebrities and pair them up with junior pro dancers to perform choreographed ballroom routines for a panel of expert judges. No word yet on whether any judges from the DWTS mothership will also judge on Junior.

Personally, at the rate the original is deteriorating, I don’t think now is a great time to try and get a spinoff off the ground – then again, maybe this spinoff won’t have the same manipulative spin that we’ve seen with the adult version? I think it’s gonna be hard to justify jerking young kids around for the sake of ratings. My gut’s telling me that Maks’ name is written all over the head judge position…this seems right up his self-important alley, these days.

EDIT: Confirmed with source: DWTSJ is replacing the spring season of regular DWTS – crew was told that the next two seasons of regular DWTS will air in fall 2017 & fall 2018.  Thoughts?

Is it too soon to nominate A.J. Ribeiro and Peanut Rademacher as contestants? 😛 What do you guys think of this new development?