Simone Biles And Sasha Farber Look Back On Their Season Together On DWTS (New Interview)

Simone Biles And Sasha Farber look back on their season together on Dancing With The Stars with US Weekly. They talked on what they learned and what their future plans are too. Great interview. They will remain unforgettable in my heart.

Us: How did you take the judges’ criticism and learn from their tips?

SB: It’s hard to hear. But we always tried to go back into practice and really work on what they’ve told us.

SF: Seeing this little girl heartbroken was the hardest part. The only thing that I could do was pick up the pieces, stick them together and make sure she remembered why she’s doing this. I reminded her this is a reality show and you’ve got to have fun.

Us: When did you see yourself getting the most frustrated?

SB: I hated the first day when we learned a new dance. That’s just horrible. You feel like you’re getting nowhere!

SF: It’s a new concept, a new story. We didn’t have time to dwell on the happiness. We went into the next thing.

Us: Simone, have you seen your body evolve since you started dancing?

SB: It looks different than my gymnastics body because I haven’t been working out. Dance helps keep me in shape, but I’ve lost my six-pack. I’m not as toned. I think I just lost a little muscle definition.

Us: Best part about taking time off from gymnastics?

SB: My life is just a little more freeing. I’ve gone indoor skydiving, cliff jumping and horseback riding. I’m eating whatever I want!

Us: How important was it for you to add a mirrorball to your trophy case?

SF: It would have been a huge deal! I really wanted Simone to take that mirrorball trophy home and put it up there with her medals. At the same time, I wanted her to enjoy this experience.

SB: I just wanted to learn more about myself through this competition. If I won, it’s cool. But if I didn’t, there’s still so much I can take away.

Us: Simone, what has this experience taught you about yourself?

SB: That I need to speak up more and that I can be hard on myself. I’m more confident in the gym because I’m in my element. I’m trying to find that same confidence outside.

Us: What’s your post-DWTS plan?

SB: I’m going to take some time off and just relax. I’m going on two vacations, so I’m excited.

SF: I need to plan a wedding. We don’t have a date, but we do have a destination: either England, Australia or America. That’s a start, right?

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ETA: Here is Sasha and Simone on Kelly & Ryan today. They perform too….