Artem Chigvinstev And Keo Motsepe Live Chat On DWTS And The New Tour (Is Rashad Jennings Touring?)

Check out this live chat below with Artem Chigvinstev and Keo Motsepe. It has all kinds of fun things included in it as well some teasers from camera blocking today and some other pros chiming in like Gleb Savchenko and Sasha Farber (they are too funny). Also, they tease on the new tour a little as well. Artem mentions that he can’t say which celebs are touring, but, a fan told us there was a mention on Rashad Jennings in another chat (before this one) and how Artem would be training with him on something. Hmmmm….could this be for the new tour? I don’t know, but, let’s hope so!! Thanks to Julia and @dwtsvalaur for the heads up.