DWTS Season 24, Week 10 – LIVE BLOG (Spoilers)

Well, I made it to my destination in time for the shit show. But I must go find a beer or something. I don’t think I can do this show straight. 😀

Just heard about the explosions in Manchester – our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the UK.  Horrible stuff.

New music and choreo for the re-do dances, David is up first.  Love David and Lindsay both – hope he pulls off a great dance.

A little skippy here at one point, but his but is mostly in and it seems like he’s leading.. Lindsay’s dance is stunning. Beautiful dance from David – say what you want about this couple but Lindsay has really done right by David. Excellent job all season.

His bum wasn’t that bad, Len. Len is going low to make sure he doesn’t take it. Jules plugs the tour – go girl.

I feel like that was underscored by a point or two. But David wins just by being there this week.

Yeah, they don’t put a mic on her ankle so the sound guys gave the a bit of help.

Are we doing to Quickstep at some point?  Oh….wrong foot on that run dearie. Dang…missed another step in the middle. I think Val might have over reached on this one a bit – way too hectic and crazy.

When you have training you are consistent. No improvement from Jules, and she notes lack of body content.  Bruno will give her a 10, of course. CAI? Of course she raves.  Spare me. Len is siding with Julianne. And with me. 😉  And Val opens his mouth again.

I probably would have given one less 10.

The next dance will tell a story…the scores, that is.

God, this edit will piss me off if he doesn’t win. Fucking editors.  Rashad – kill this.

That may have been the hottest V. Waltz I’ve ever seen. Like, legit hot, not faux hot. Wow. That was lovely. And he LEADS!

Judges are being kind. He must be doing well in the votes. They’d be tearing him down if he had no shot. Remember, they like to be right. Must be close between him and Normani.

Side note: love Jules dress. Saw it back stages and it’s short and feathery.

So, perfect score for Rashad – putting him 3 points ahead of Normani at this point. I’m almost afraid to hope.

Gotta give it up for Lindsay for choreographing a brilliant freestyle – perfectly tailored to her partner. Only part I didn’t like was the big trick she did with David no where in site. The rest of it? Brilliant. The staging on the dugout, everything. He had a mis-step right at the very beginning but give the man 9s and 10s.

Perfect score for David. I’m trying to find my spreadsheet to see how far down he is.

Man, why does Val have to use my favorite little dancer??

I love JT. Sooo cute. 🙂  High kick.

Of course Val can’t do a freestyle so he does contemporary V. Waltz.  High kick #2.

That was it? It was pretty….but it didn’t really move me like I would want.

Judges drooling…same story different day. I wonder if Normani is winning by so much they felt comfortable scoring her down so that we can’t cry about manipulation.  But then I think I’m giving the producer too much machiavellian credit. And we can still complain about manipulation. 😉

Oh Emma – you won’t let him down. You’ve been awesome this season! Kill it!!

Holy crap!! Now that’s how you do a freestyle!! I’m tired just watching it.

Just realized I never closed this one out. We’ ll have a new post tomorrow night for the show, PLUS Courtney should be posting her power rankings shortly…and look for Dancing by the Numbers tomorrow afternoon!!