Dancing With The Stars Season 24, The FINALE – Dancing by the Numbers!

Well, conventional wisdom says that Rashad should win. Best freestyle compared to a rather crap one by Normani. He’s at the top of the leader board. The judges raved over him. They were lukewarm on Normani. Rashad went last. I can’t even tell you how many times they danced in the order they finished. All the “Rashad is the winner” signals were there.

But here’s where I have a problem. We have new producers. And they might not fall into the same patterns that they used to. They could be engineering a shocking win.

But the problem with that is that they’re not that clever nor Machiavellian. If they were that good, we wouldn’t be able to see what they were doing all season long. That was a pretty abrupt shift from Normani to Rashad. Perhaps they only needed Normani to get to the finale. Plus, the judges like to be right and they certainly ranked the contestants tonight, with Rashad in the number 1 spot.

I’m afraid to hope so I voted my ass off. Let’s look at the leader board.

Rashad is on top by 3 whole points. Keep in mind that this could change tomorrow, but I suspect that they will tie Rashad and Normani with David a couple points back. They will be hesitant to change the outcome, unless one of them is so far ahead it doesn’t matter.

David is on the bottom – what is the likelihood that he could win?

In a nutshell, If Rashad gets the most votes, he wins. Normani has to get about 6k more votes per million votes cast to beat him. And David has to beat both Rashad and Normani by 26.5k and 21k more votes per million votes cast, respectively, in order to win.

My original gut feeling since about week 2 was that Rashad was going to win. And then the Normani ass kissing machine kicked into over drive. One of my other original gut instincts was that she might not be getting the votes and they were helping her out; I can’t even tell you how many times a night like tonight happened. They pimp and they pimp and they pimp…and then once they get that person to the finale they relax and the pimpage is over. So the question is, do I go with my original gut and the conventional wisdom of DWTS….or do I go with my later thoughts that they were desperate for Val to win once again (for an as yet unknown reason)?

I’m inclined to go with my original gut feelings and say Rashad is going to take it. But if 5th Harmony has a huge announcement tomorrow that they’re going to have a series on Disney or some such thing, all bets are off. Seriously.

Yeah….here’s what I’m going with:

3rd Place – David (or Normani, second choice)

2nd Place – Normani (or David, second choice)

Winner of DWTS Season 24 – Rashad and Emma

If Rashad and Emma don’t win after their performances tonight (and the totally uninspired and lazy choreo by Val compared to the great choreo by Emma and Lindsay), then this show is an irredeemable POS – and World of Dance should take over. Quit rewarding lazy, boring choreo with MBTs all for the sake of your agenda, producers. Rashad for the win. I wouldn’t even be unhappy with David, but Rashad really deserves it.