DWTS Season 24, THE FINALE – LIVE BLOG (Spoilers)

Okay, REMEMBER THE RULES of show night. DO NOT constantly hit refresh. DO NOT post one line comments.  Save your comments until you have a few that you can put into one post. Please include context so people who the hell you’re talking about. Comment moderation is still turned on, so content refreshing won’t get you anywhere.

Also, according to George P. Emma and Rashad are doing Cha Cha/Tango for their fusion and the dance order is the same as it was last night.

Opening was kind of a non-event. Love the little “journey” package they did for David.  Looking forward to Rashad’s. Interesting they show a clip of Normani and it’s a high kick.  I wonder…. 😉

Damn, don’t like when they mess with the order like that and put Rashad’s package second. Makes me uneasy.

So, Rashad beat the other two contestants by 100 HOURS in rehearsal.  If he doesn’t win, I’ll be pissed.

So shocking that Heather can holder her own with the professional girls.  Heh.  Is this the dance choreod by Witney?? Better than what Mandy normally comes up with.  Hah. Thanks Tom.

Not impressed with Hailie Steinfeld – feel like I’m looking at Val’s next partner in her first ballroom getup.

Spare me, Val. Normani would absolutely make the cut as one of the best ever…if paired with Derek or Mark.

I see we’re back to featuring Maks. Ya know, this show survived quite well without him for a few weeks. Witney did better with the women than the men did. It was all right, but not fabulous.

Don’t like how they have this staged – starting to feel like a Normani edit. I will be so pissed and over this show. The press is resurrecting all their Normani articles – whether that’s at the request of DWTS PR or at their own thoughts on who’s going to win.

Loved the huge dance number and how it traveled all over. Peta is wearing more fabric than all her last season’s costumes put together. Girl, you look fab. Then I saw Hayley and her killer bod and I commiserated with her.

Good Lord, there’s still an hour and a half. I don’ think I’m going to make it.

Nancy is such a classy lady.  And a damn fine dancer too.  She could have won on another season.  She made me appreciate Artem too.

I love guys who can play up the whole bromance thing.  This is one of the reasons I loved Nick this season – he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Nice, dry sense of humor.  I should say that this is also why I prefer Maks over Val – Maks seems more genuine when screwing around like this.

Peta looks stunning in red with a red lip. Stunning. And Nick ain’t so bad either.

Was this Magic Mike number more OTT than it was last time? LOL.

I do love bloopers.  😀

Whoa, severe flashback to Derek and Chelsea – same song, similar outfits, similar dance moves.  Very similar. Wow.

Damn, they’re still doing the Normani wins edit. Shit.

Damn #2 – Derek was on the Voice tonight and I missed it cuz this crap.

Best thing about that dance was Len and Bruno doing their thang. 😀

My god, will this show ever end? This is ungodly painful. I could be reading. Or sleeping, since I’m still coughing.

Okay, that Mr. T bit was cheesy brilliance. 🙂 Love that Mr. T.

Nicole Scherzinger – legit one of the best women to dance on this show.

BTW, Dirty Dancing is getting seriously bad reviews and it’s in large part due to this dude who is NOT a good dancer. He even makes Nicole look a bit awkward.

David and Lindsay do a Foxtrot/Salsa fusion…finally…and it’s not too bad actually. Love David so much – their package was just great. Probably the hardest fusion we’re going to see tonight, I think.

AT/Foxtrot fusion for Normani and Val. Since Val isn’t any better at Fusion than he is freestyle, this should be interesting.

CAI telegraphing a Normani win with her comments.  Of course she can pick it up fast, Julianne, she’s trained. YOU can pick it up that quick too, right??

God, get the mic away from Val. So pompous and smug.

QUIT HITTING REFRESH!! Already having trouble with the site. And that makes me cranky.

Great fusion from Rashad and Emma – very fun like they are. Think Emma made her point to the producers clearly enough?? Straight at the camera – I don’t know if I will ever get this again. Yeah, no kidding.

CAI telegraphing now that Normani and Rashad may be a toss up. Shit, Len is not going with 10s. Unusual – either he’s lost by a lot or he’s won by enough that Len isn’t afraid of changing the outcome.

THIRD PLACE – Normani and Val.  So much for those 500k votes.  Thank you baby jesus. Now, I would really want Rashad to win, but damn, David – nothing would shout louder to the producers to keep their mitts off the damn show.

Winners – RASHAD and Emma!!!


Why are they going outside? Fucking stupid way to handle this. Let the have their camera time and celebrate. Hey, Val and Maks aren’t crying in a corner?? That’s a positive development!! Personal growth!!