PureDWTS: More of Sharna Burgess, Terra Jole, & Amy Purdy Attending the Indy 500

It was basically a DWTS reunion this past weekend here in Indy – Sharna & Terra both attended to support Hinch, and Amy was a special guest of Firestone/Bridgestone. Sharna got to ride in the 500 Festival Parade on Saturday (she & Pierson were right behind Hinch & Becky), and all three ladies walked the red carpet at the actual race on Sunday. Admittedly, it gave my cold, cold heart some serious warm fuzzies seeing Team Stop & Go reunited again, and I love that Terra has also remained close with Hinch after their season 🙂 Check out odd & assorted pix and video below – sorry for the poor quality of the video of parade telecast, all I had was my TV & my phone 😛

Go @hinchtown ! ? #indy500 #indycar @indycar @arrowelectronics @honda

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Sharna on the red carpet at the #Indy500. #SharnaBurgess #TeamStopAndGo #DWTS

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More red carpet pix at Indystar.com.