Dancing With The Stars Hot Summer Nights Tour – Blog And Photos By Cindy

Cindy Krumpet has sent us some beautiful photos of the new Dancing With The Stars “Hot Summer Nights” Tour. You can see them at her FACEBOOK. She included photos from the Meet & Greet as well in the mix. Cindy also sent us her thoughts on the show and her experience which you can read below. I love how she was able to meet Ruby The Creature (Emma and Sasha’s puppie). So cute. THANKS, Cindy! If any of you have a some tour goodies to share, write to our Contact Us link. We’d love to feature whatever you’ve got.

Dancing With The Stars “Hot Summer Nights” Tour
By Cindy

I have been going to the DWTS tour shows since the 1st one which was right after Julianne and Apolo’s win. They are a lot better today. This tour was the first time I was able to see all the pros for photos and even met Ruby she’s tiny. I had a VIP and there were only 7 total, so, there wasn’t any green screen photos, but, they took group photos instead. I thought the VIP was more organized and was run by Sam (Lindsay’s husband) which I didn’t realize. I knew he looked familiar, but, wasn’t expecting that. I had Emma, Lindsay, Gleb and Rashad for the photo. I’m glad I had Emma and Lindsay because I never had them at my m&g for a professional photo. Rashad is very nice and you can’t help to smile and be in a good mood which reminds me of Emma. For my mingle, I had Alan and Britt. I never met Britt before. She is nice.

Now for the show: After being seated it felt a little funny since Val wasn’t there, but, once the show started the pros did an amazing job. I’m not good at naming the dances in order, but, my favorite dances were from Emma and Sasha, Sharna and Gleb (the blindfold dance), and Emma and Rashad. My favorite group dance was the summer dance. Sasha was in his crab outfit. I think this tour was more fun than the others because of the dances and Rashad. The star pro for me was Emma followed by Sasha, Sharna, Gleb and Lindsay. After the show I went to the buses hoping to see Sharna and Haley because they were the only ones I didn’t get to see. Everyone went down the line taking photos as long as everyone remained on the sidewalk. I had the best time. The only thing that went wrong was my camera card filled up right after intermission and I had to change the card.