TV Critic Matt Roush Talks On The Future Of Dancing With The Stars

TV Insider talked with TV Critic Matt Roush. They asked him on how much dancing is on the horizon for Dancing With The Stars. Is it possible a Junior Spring edition won’t happen to make room for American Idol and instead be pushed up to Summer 2018? Read below for what he says. Note also that we may get more information during the TCA Summer Press Tour next week. Let us know what you think…

Question: I know Dancing With the Stars is scheduled to return this fall, but will there be a spring edition given American Idol (which I know will air on Sunday, but they may need Mondays for the result show) and DWTS Junior (do we know if this show will have same host and judges)? — Tom

Matt Roush: The new season of Dancing arrives a week before most of ABC’s other shows, on Sept. 18, but can’t really tell you much about its midseason prospects. ABC might enlighten us when the network steps up at the TCA press tour next week, because I bet there will be questions about how big a footprint the new American Idol is expected to have on the schedule in 2018. If it airs more than once a week, what other shows will have to take a hiatus? I also haven’t seen any updates regarding timing or personnel on the junior version of Dancing, the notion of which makes my skin crawl. Whether Junior gives Dancing a rest in the spring, or (a better thought) joins next summer’s rotation of disposable reality shows, remains to be announced.

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