PureDWTS Watchout #2: Anthony Scaramucci Asked On Dancing With The Stars Again

You might have seen our previous Anthony Scaramucci “watch-out” post when TMZ asked if he’d like to dance on Dancing With The Stars. At the time, he acted shocked and kind of dismissed the question and said he couldn’t dance. Well, in a new interview this week, he said, “We’ll see, who knows”(more below). Also, last night, DWTSgossip, PureDWTS, myself, other dancers (thanks Kristyn), and people were followed by him at twitter. Kinda makes one go “hmmmm”. Did this watch out just get a little stronger? Let us know what you think in comments. From Hollywood Reporter….

Perhaps the most revealing moment in Scaramucci’s Media Comeback Tour came in the last minute of a Facebook Live interview conducted by ABC News political director Rick Klein.

Scaramucci lit up when he was asked if he’d appear on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. “Get Lorne Michaels to call me,” he responded. “I don’t know. I’ll bring my sunglasses for that.” He also jovially parried a question about appearing on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars — he’s not a great dancer, he said, but added, “We’ll see, who knows.” (An SNL spokesperson did not respond to a question about a possible Mooch appearance.)

More at Hollywood Reporter.