DWTS Season 25: Rumors or Wishful Thinking? Gina Rodriguez and Michael Delorenzo

In the absence of ANYTHING concrete (yet), I was roaming around twitter looking for clues about celebs for next season of Dancing with the Stars. Looks like Michael Delorenzo would be up for it if they asked – check out his feed, as he’s talking about it a lot and using some interesting emoticons. πŸ˜‰ I’m quite sure you’ll recognize him as a character actor from Blue Bloods, CSI Miami, and other things. Long resume.

Secondly, thanks to Dee for the heads up that Gina Rodriguez is now following Sasha Farber! Guess who Gina is friends with? Derek Hough…the dude who said he knew someone that was going to be on this season. πŸ™‚ I questioned Dee relentlessly since Sasha is way down on Gina’s follow list if you look on the actual twitter, however she says that Sasha was Gina’s most recent follow on the app she uses. Not sure how Twitter sorts all that stuff. Anyway, just in case – plus, it appears that Derek and Sasha are the only two DWTS folks she follows. I could be wrong since I can only go down so far in her list right now. I think she would be great and would give Sasha a real shot at the MBT, if she is on.