PureDWTS Season 25 Rumor Watchout: General Hospital’s Robert Palmer Watkins??

So, according to Vin and his friends (thanks Vin!) who watch General Hospital, something is up with actor Robert Palmer Watkins. Note by the tweets below that he is stepping away from the soap (or cut?), but, a “new window” has opened. Note too that at this time last year, Robert was rumored to dance on Dancing With The Stars in Season 23. At the time he followed pro Witney Carson and the official DWTS twitter site. HOWEVER, the new window might not to be to dance, but, to star in a new movie called, “Last Three Days” which he’s been working on for a month. Whatever the case, we thought we’d post on it for fun and just in case something is in the works for Dancing With The Stars as well now or in the future. I really like this possibility. What do you think?