PureDWTS Season 25/SYTYCD 14 Update – Kiki & Jenna Still In, Sydney & Paul Out, Sasha & Emma Choreograph

Figured it was probably worth it to check in on how things were going with our DWTS cross-overs on SYTYCD, especially since speculation has started on whether or not Jenna’s going to be a pro this season…

…Kiki & Jenna are still in the competition as of last night, which seems to be sparking chatter of “Is Jenna going to be a pro on DWTS this season?” While crazier things have happened, the longer Jenna remains on SYTYCD with Kiki, I think her chances at a pro spot on DWTS this season get exponentially smaller with each week that passes – especially since this season’s pros are getting confirmed this week, and it’s possible that Kiki & Jenna could make it to the finals…which would drastically cut into her rehearsal time with a potential celeb partner on DWTS. And given that Nigel seems to have gotten a lot more proprietary with his all-stars as the seasons have gone on, I’m not sure that he’d be willing to share her with DWTS for the few weeks of overlap between DWTS rehearsals and SYTYCD wrapping up.  Last year was a bit of a different situation on SYTYCD, as Jenna was an early out and there wasn’t much in the way of overlap with DWTS – but given that Kiki & Jenna haven’t even landed in the bottom 3 yet, it may be possible they could be there for awhile…leaving less and less time for Jenna to devote to being a pro on DWTS.

In other news, Sydney & Paul were eliminated last night, and Logan & Allison are still in the competition – which means that I think Allison’s chances at a pro spot on DWTS this season are about as good as Jenna’s…in that they’re probably not all that good. Sorry.

But at least we got a piece of Sasha & Emma jive choreography, which they did for Logan & Allison – and Shad even showed up in the audience to support them! Love when contestants remain close with their pros after their season ends 🙂 They also got to see Jake Monreal, Jenna’s partner from last year, whom they had also choreographed for.

As always, be sure to check out Amanda’s detailed review of last night’s show over at Pure SYTYCD.