Mark Ballas Interviewed On Why He Came Back To DWTS, What He Looks Forward To, And More

In a new interview with People, Mark Ballas talks of why he came back to Dancing With The Stars, how the show and he has changed since his first season. He also mentions what he’d like to do this season. I’m so glad he’s back. I look so forward seeing that unique, standout creativity again. Read on…

Why come back now?
There were aspects of it I missed, like getting to be creative and using that part of my skill set and brain. I like coming up with my own material. Doing Broadway was amazing, but you’re singing someone else’s words and doing someone else’s choreography and it’s the same every night. Here you get to do your own thing and change it up every week. It’s been an insane year for [wife BC Jean] and I between getting married, Broadway and the national tour of Jersey Boys, and then our own tour and putting together our upcoming EP. But the timing really worked out.

How has the show changed since you started on season 6?
Over the years the show has advanced. You’re not told what to do anymore. The production has come a long way in giving the pros free rein. They’ve incorporated new styles and they’ve really upped the production value. It’s a great collaborative effort and a lot of fun. I missed that. I’m excited to switch that part of my brain back on.

How have you changed since your first season?
When I was younger it was fun and new. Then I was around for a while and had some rough seasons and I was just happy to be there. I’ve had seasons where I’ve had a partner I thought was the best dancer but not won and other seasons where I had partners who weren’t the best but went really far. It’s really just about how you react to every situation. This season I just really want to get in there and keep my head down, get creative and do some great work.

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