PureDWTS Season 25/SYTYCD Season 14 Update: Kiki & Jenna Still In, Logan & Allison Still In, Val Choreographs Two Routines

Meant to do this the other day, but got caught up in DWTS casting rumors and lost track of it.  For those still monitoring the situation over at SYTYCD as it pertains to Jenna, Kiki, Logan, Allison, and whichever DWTS pros get tapped to choreograph, here’s what’s up…

…Kiki & Jenna remain in the competition, and are one of the only three couples remaining that have yet to end up in the bottom three.  I haven’t actually been watching the show (only been watching some of the dances later on), but I’m told Kiki & Jenna generally get gushed over by the judges…so it’s possible that they could be in this till the end, which negates any hopes Jenna fans might have that she may be returning as the surprise 13th pro on DWTS this season.  Sorry guys – this just seems like a logistical nightmare that wouldn’t be fair to Kiki or a potential celeb partner for Jenna to divide time between them.  As Lisa reported the other day, though – Jenna is set to return to the troupe.

Lucky to have these two by my side. ????????????????????????Tap for outfit cred ????

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Logan & Allison also remain in the competition, which also kinda makes Allison returning as a pro an impossibility – although she seems to have a lot going on right now, anyway, so I’m not sure she’s too disappointed about it.

Val actually choreographed two numbers for this week’s show, and I will say this: I actually enjoyed both of them, and I commend him for taking on more choreographic work outside of DWTS.  The best way to become a better choreographer is to choreograph – as much as you can, for whoever you can, in whatever environment you can. I think the cha-cha he created for Kaylee & Cyrus actually suited their (limited) skill set well – god bless Cyrus, he’s still not a ballroom guy, but I think this choreography suited him as well as to be expected:

He also choreographed a salsa for Koine & Kiki – and I will say that I thought this was more appropriate for their skill set that what we might have seen from one of the other salsa choreographers.  I’ve noticed that since rapey Alex Da Silva got canned several seasons back, SYTYCD has really struggled to find a salsa choreographer that was able to choreograph routines that were still salsa, but that the contestants could actually DO – so many of them want to throw in every difficult trick they know, without regard for the skill set of the couple doing them.  This felt like salsa, but salsa that was actually do-able.

I do wonder if this is the last we’ve seen of DWTS pros choreographing for SYTYCD this season, with most of our pros having met their partners and starting to rehearse – not sure any of this season’s pros are going to have time to do double-duty.  As always, be sure to check out Amanda’s recap over at PureSYTYCD.