DWTS Season 25 Cast Announcement – LIVE Blog

Well, partially alive. Just woke up with a sore throat. Boo.

Reminded yet again of how much I dislike GMA.

Yay – Mark and Emma dancing during them teasing the announcement!! And I think that was Hayley with Artem? Couldn’t tell. Went by too fast.

Courtney says that was Britt and Artur…I’m not awake yet. 🙂

Anyway, I feel like we have all the couples, but I guess we’ll see if we got any of them wrong.

Troupe looking good dancing behind Lara.

I hope everyone in Florida is battening down the hatches.

Oh goodie, lets feature the C-bros cuz no one else counts. Just what we need to see in the morning. Ugh. Besides that, good number. How about we focus on the original pros, Cheryl, Mark and Maks?? That would be much better. I’m at my mom’s and she made a disgusted noise in her throat when she saw Maks. I didn’t even teach her to do that. 🙂

Then she said, “Is that his brother?” to which I responded, “Yes, “that” is.” She left to take a shower. LOL.

I remember the good old days when Derek’s face was the first we saw…much more pleasing to my eye, but he was partying with his former Footloose castmates at an LA movie premiere last night. Yes, I checked because I was living in fear that he would get bored and decide to grab a partner for this season. :::shiver::: Until they announce the cast I will have that fear.

Here we go…Season 25!

Drew Scott
Sasha Piertse
Barbara Corcoran
Derek Fisher
Victoria Arlen
Jordan Fisher
Nikki Bella
Terrell Owens
Frankie Muniz
Debbie Gibson
Lindsey Stirling
Nick Lachey
Vanessa Lachey

Yes, there will be spelling errors, I will fix them later.

Drew being cute with Nick and Barbara flirting with Keo like crazy. First question they ask is if anyone has had dance lessons. I see a few hands but NOT Nick Lachey – wonder if Peta trained him already. Lindsey raised her hand as did the girl next to her. (That was Debbie Gibson)

Making a big deal over the married couples. :::rolls eyes::: Gotta have those folks down in front.

They also talk about Frankie’s speeding tickets. Debbie’s music video – she did raise her hand when asked about dance lessons. Debbie has Lyme disease>!? Awful. Calls Alan very nurturing and sweet. She shows everybody an 80’s move. LOL.

Derek says it’s very exciting to be on the show. Loves the pros. And commercial. Guess we find out who else is worthy of talking after the break.

Okay, back to the troupe dancing.

But we’re going back to Houston because this show does occasionally do “news”. The Houston Animal Shelter story is pretty awesome though.

This segment is making me weepy.

Another commercial…love Hayley’s shorter hair style.

First DWTS commercial – Vanessa looks good. Hayley and Britt getting some serious screen time. Good for them! They’re both stunning. Ginger, please. :::rolls eyes:::

Nikki talks about Bella Buster – and how Artem hasn’t experienced it yet. She tries to “fight him” every rehearsal.

Time to gush over Victoria. Paralyzed for a decade, started walking a year ago. She’s very cute. Says it’s a dream come true. Says learning to walk again was easier than learning to dance. She seems very sweet.

Next they talk to Sasha and PLL. Who’s her competition? She says it’s fun and it’s a new chapter and they have a lot of competition. She says her competition is herself.

Jordan talks Hamilton – he started in gymnastics because of a girl and that lead him to drama club and dancing, etc.

Tom takes it over to T.O. Talk abut the pronunciation of his name. Ask about his moves on the field – he asks for pom noms. LOL. Ooookay.

Lindsey on her violin and dancing with it. (Only dancing with it? Technically accurate I guess) Apparently her hands become claws.

Next is Derek Fisher talking about basket ball. Kobe has a message from him about him not being a guy on DWTS – he was shocked. Wishes him luck.

Rashad is there!! Emma and Drew go over and hug him. Drew says “teach me your ways”. 😀 I love Rashad. “Don’t take yourself too serious(ly).”

I love Drew. LOVE him. I think I like Lindsey better as a red head, honestly.

Looks like they’re going to play a game next.

Pros versus Celebs. Guess what dance they are doing.

Drew versus Alan. Pros win.

Vanessa versus Witney. Vanessa not clear on what she’s doing.

Jordan versus Val. Jordan killed that, Val looked kinda weird.

Barbara versus Emma. No idea what Barbara is doing. That was not a chicken. LOL. I get the feeling that Barbara is going to be the cast clown and is going to be very entertaining…or very annoying this season.

Barbara wins and is licking her MBT. LOL

And…the end. Was Barbara the only one they didn’t talk to during the segments?? Drew kinda made them talk about him, but he had his own segment on another show.