PureDWTS Season 25, Week -2: What’s Gettin’ Court’s Goat Today??? Jake T. Austin, Canadian Voting, Married Couples on DWTS

Given that we’re roughly 2 weeks out from the premiere, let’s just think of this as week negative 2 😛 Came up with this post to cobble together odds and ends that maybe weren’t quite enough to warrant their own post, but I wanted to share nonetheless – this may or may not become a regular feature, depending on just how often I’m finding my goat gotten by this show 😛 ONWARD!!!

So first up on the list of things gettin’ my goat: Jake T. Austin.  If you’re anything like me, you may have to rack your brain a bit before you realize that he was Jenna’s celeb partner and the first celeb out on season 23.  If nothing else, you may remember his wildly unremarkable dancing, and the infamous pube dress from the “Go Diego Go!” cha-cha:

Seems to me that ol’ Jakey is suffering from a severe case of BITFD: butthurt in the first degree, when it comes to his DWTS experience. First there was this bit of shade on Instagram:

The Cliff’s Notes version: Just Jared Jr. posted a picture of Jenna and said they were glad she would be back on DWTS this season; someone responded with “noooooooo”; and none other than Jake T. Austin himself liked it. Really, bro? You’re THAT bitter about your DWTS pro partner? That you only danced with twice, and looked pained both times, when she was at least trying to sell the routine? Jenna may have a problem with out-dancing her partners, and she may need to work on making her choreo for her celeb partners a bit less ambitious, but I never once got the impression that she wasn’t on his side –  she seemed genuinely supportive when he was disappointed with his scores, and did not seem nearly as unpleasant to him as his response to this picture would have you believe.  WTF, bro.

And the nonsense didn’t stop there: perhaps in a desperate bid to maintain Instagram relevance, Jake decided to hijack the comments section of a picture of Gleb hinting at his partner on the DancingABC Instagram, and make claims about the show “being rigged” and “fan votes not counting”…JustJared summarized it pretty well:

Jake T. Austin competed on season 23 of Dancing With The Stars with Jenna Johnson, but after only two performances, was voted off the show.

Now, on one of the shows’ recent Instagram posts, the actor is claiming that if fan votes really counted, he wouldn’t have been the first voted off.

“Fan votes don’t count,” he typed. “This show is about ratings. The network and producers decide who advances and who goes home. They tell fans to vote to make them feel like they are a part of something they actually have no control over.”

Not sure if you know this, but a major symptom of BITFD is talking out of one’s ass 😛 One: fan votes DO count, and if they ever tossed them out and were found out, both the show and the network would be in a heap of trouble, with definite fines, likely sanctions, and possible jail time for the specific individuals responsible. There are laws that prevent shows that offer a cash prize from directly manipulating the outcome of the game. READ: they cannot just “throw out the votes”. However, the show can subtly manipulate viewers into voting a certain way – so giving one contestant an unsavory edit while making another look like a saint is totally okay, and may or may not sway the viewers into voting a certain way.  But most of you are intelligent enough to know that – methinks somebody is just suffering from such a severe cast of BITFD that he is simply incapable of entertaining the notion that neither his dancing nor his personality were all that great. Please return to your assigned seat in the land of Instagram mediocrity, sir.

So what else is getting my goat? The fact that suddenly, Canadians are not only allowed, but welcomed to vote this season:

Now normally, I’d be just kinda “cool, fine, whatever” to something like this, but given that such a big deal was made about international voting during season 23, when Hinch (a Canadian) was on, and suddenly the VPN method of voting that some of the international fans had successfully used to vote for YEARS was not working, I have to kinda go “Really, guys? NOW you do this?” They practically went out of their way a year ago to keep international fans from voting (and one publication was screen-shotting my Twitter account like a jealous ex-gf, and accusing me of starting a “cheating scandal” by sharing the VPN method) and now it’s all like “Canadian fans! You can totes vote now!!! Come thru and support Drew!!!” Now I’m not actually sure who’s responsible for it (some people seem to think it’s the show/ABC that get to make the call on whether int’l votes count; I’ve heard others say it’s actually the Canadian affiliate that shows DWTS that has to pay some fee in order to get the votes to count), but dude, as a staunch Team Stop & Go fan, I’m PISSED.  If it was this easy to flip a switch and say “Canadian votes count!”, then why didn’t they do it a year ago? Because Property Brothers is a Canadian production and bigger potential money-maker? I’ll say this: I think the momentum to win was in Hinch’s favor for at least 3/4 of his season, and only shifted in Laurie’s favor during the last two weeks, after that maudlin “let’s exploit Laurie’s grief over her grandmother dying!” package that the producers ought to still be ashamed of. Had Hinch gotten those Canadian votes (and from the number of Canadians I had tweeting me last year asking for help voting, there was a substantial number), I think it’s possible that we would have gotten a different outcome in season 23.  But I guess we’ll never know for sure…

And the third and final thing getting my goat this week: the fact that we have another married couple competing on the same season, and the show appears to be milking it for all its worth. Seems like almost every interview I’ve seen with Nick/Peta and Vanessa/Maks so far has centered mainly around the “OMG! YOU’RE A MARRIED COUPLE COMPETING AGAINST EACH OTHER WITH PROS THAT ARE ALSO MARRIED!!!” First thing’s first: we’ve already had a married couple competing on the show – season 21’s Carlos & Alexa PenaVega – and most of us found the whole schtick annoying back then.  So to rehash it now – and add in the eye-roll inducing married pro angle – just feels…dumb. Not fresh, exciting, or unique.  Just more of the same. It’s not even that it particularly gets my goat – it just BORES me because they seem to be trying to play it off as something “never before seen!” when in reality, it’s just wrapping the same turd in different colors of wrapping paper. Still a turd, guys. 😛