Dancing A Whole Other Dynamic For Nick And Vanessa Lachey (New DWTS Interview)

Vanessa Lachey talked with US Magazine about Dancing With The Stars and how it’s effecting her relationship with her husband Nick. She says they are not in competition with each other and they just want to have fun. Here is a take. Be sure to read more at the link.

“We don’t practice dancing with each other but it is nice because of the massages,” Vanessa told Us. “I’m like, I’ll rub your feet you rub my feet. That is fun. It really is another layer to our relationship. I can’t wait for the first live show, and I can’t to watch him. We did a little show the other day, we were at the same studio, and Maks and I came in and they showed us a little bit of their routine and we showed them a little bit of what we learned.”

She added: “It would be fun if we all made it to the finals.”

Vanessa admitted that she doesn’t really enjoy the gym, though. Luckily, Chmerkovskiy, 37, has no intention of pushing her to the extreme like her past “intense trainers.”

“It kind of seems childish. You have these grownups come, they signed on to do a show. It’s not like we’re in a summer camp together, and here I am making them do warmups and pushups and all that. It’s not me man,” he told Us. “I want to do my best and I want her to do her best too so we can do our thing. When I speed things up faster and faster, I know that there’s a leg that is able to do it. What is the point of pushing someone that I know for a fact that some of these people cannot be pushed? If you push, it’s going to break, and nobody wants that.”