More Details On Theme Nights For Dancing With The Stars Season 25

If you go to TV Guide, they have some fun teasers on the theme night for Dancing With The Stars Season 25. Here is a take from the link with more details….

So far, a few themes for Season 25 have been announced. We’re going to get our stand-by Disney-themed night, and if someone doesn’t perform an epic waltz to Beauty and the Beast’s “Tale as Old as Time,” then there’s seriously no justice in this world. We’ll also get a Guilty Pleasures Night, where stars and pros cop to which dance moves they hate to love.

When you add in Latin Night, Season 25 is shaping up to be one of the best seasons for theme nights yet. According to executive producer Ashley Edens-Shaffer however, there are a few more irons in the fire when it comes to possible themes for this season.

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“We have the Trio Round, [and] we’re hoping to bring back a former celebrity,” Edens tells TV Guide. “We’re going to potentially do an Iconic Dances Night, where our couples will repeat, reimagine, reinterpret an iconic dance from earlier seasons.”

With so many seasons and so many epic routines to chose from, Iconic Dances Night might be the best of the best. As for which star will return for Trio Night? The sky’s the limit. (We’re secretly gunning for Nick Carter because you just can’t go wrong with a Backstreet Boy).

Sounds fun. More at TV Guide,