Dancing With The Stars Season 25 Pre-Season Las Vegas Odds

Sports Bovada has made their new pre-season Dancing With The Stars Odds for Season 25. Note how they’ve put Nick Lachey at the top to win it all. WHA? Us Angels weigh in below. Let us know what you think in comments too after you take a look at this….

Nick Lachey +400 +
Lindsey Stirling +800 +
Debbie Gibson +800 +
Sasha Pieterse +800 +
Frankie Muniz +900 +
Jordan Fisher +900 +
Vanessa Lachey +900 +
Derek Fisher +1000 +
Terrell Owens +1000 +
Victoria Arlen +1000 +
Drew Scott +1200 +
Nikki Bella +1200 +
Barbara Corcoran +2500

Vogue: Wow! They seriously aren’t giving Jordan Fisher any thought at winning like they should be. In my opinion, I do think Nick Lachey will be a force this season, but, I still think Lindsey and Jordan are the top two contenders. I’m also shocked they would put Sasha, Debbie, and Frankie so high. Did they even study up on this season’s celebrities before predicting? Whatever the case, I do think they have Barbara in the right position. I also think Frankie might be one of the first to go. One more thing: I trust Courtney’s Power Rankings way more. Ha! 🙂

Girls, what do you think?

Courtney: Ooh wee – who made these odds? The president of the Nick Lachey fanclub??? I’ve said it more than once, but here it is again: I am not at all convinced that Nick is going to follow in the steps of every other boy bander to do the show and be a decent dancer from the jump. I go back to 98 Degrees being the one boy band that didn’t dance, and the fact that many of us seem to agree that Drew likely won his season due to it being a lot less competitive back then, and having Cheryl as a pro – he would not fare so well on a more recent season. I’m also not convinced that Peta is back to being pre-baby Peta in terms of focus, and if her performance last season with Nick (Viall) was any indicator, her head might not be 100% in the game. I’d put Nick at least 5 or 6 spots down – I’m not even fully convinced he’s gonna make the finals. Looks like the oddsmakers are also seriously underestimating Jordan, who aside from having some dance chops, also has a huge advantage in Lindsay – I’d put him tied at the top with Stirling. I’d drop Debbie down to 6th or 7th, and drop Vanessa, Sasha, & Frankie all closer to the bottom – and I’d bring Drew & Nikki up to 4th or 5th. Victoria probably could come up a little – but I think T.O. & Derek are about right.

Heidi: Well, technically, they have Jordan third most likely to win by wussing out and making a three way tie for second and a three way tie for third. Hell, anybody can come up with those kind of odds. 😀 I don’t think Nick wins this season and I agree with Courtney that he doesn’t make the final. I also don’t think that Barbara is the first person out this season. If not for Alan being her pro, I would agree with Debbie’s placement, simply because she is right in line with the DWTS demo…and she might be the only other person who is, besides Drew. No, I do not believe that either Nick or Vanessa qualify. Still a bit too young and a bit too invisible. Still don’t know (or care) who Sasha is, which is a bad sign for her seeing as how I’m on the young end of the demo myself. Right now, before anyone dances, I would rank Jordan and Lindsay at the top, followed by Drew and Nikki, then one of the Lacheys, then Victoria, then the athletes, then the other Lachey, then Barbara, followed by Frankie, Sasha and Debbie, in no particular order. Very possible still that Debbie could be closer to the top or could trade places with Victoria. But who knows? Lindsay and Jordan could be too unknown to the general audience and the top two could be very different – but I still don’t think it will be Nick. We’ll see.