Dancing with the Stars Season 25, Week ONE – Live Blog

Here we are again folks and finally the DWTS producers have decided to try a slightly (only very slightly) different formula than they have the past several seasons. Artem has a younger (possibly talented) partner, Alan has the potential ringer (maybe? Not sure – haven’t looked. Every other singer that comes on this show seems to get that label), Cheryl and Mark are back (yay!), and we have married couples competing against each other (oh, wait – not NEW but old and tired). Val doesn’t appear to have an actual ringer, but still has someone who will likely make it to the end just based on her story. Jury is out on Val being up to that challenge.

Let’s hope the opening number is as good as the one that Mandy won an Emmy for….

…And that was quite good. Well done, Mandy. When she focuses on content, she can get it done. I even liked the married couples part. As long as it doesn’t continue all season. The only gripe I have is the insertion of the celebs. I got my hopes up there that we were going to get a dance similar to that in season 5 or .

Cheryl and TO up first! Go Cheryl, show them who’s boss. 🙂

And she is not to be underestimated! That was an excellent dance. Look out folks, she ain’t playin’ and she got a good dance out of him. He appears to have some talent. He was also honest and seemed charming.

Keep in mind…they’ve had a few weeks to get this routine together. The REAL test is in weeks 2 and 3. If he’s still doing well next week and the week after, look out.

Massively underscored – that’s like, insane, to give him a 15. But let’s see how they score the other dancers. They may have it in their head to go low week 1. But odds are good that a chosen few who may not get votes will get higher scores.

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I thought Debbie did a great job and she has some real potential, provided her lime disease doesn’t prevent her from rehearsing – but good for her.

I HATE the judges blathering on while giving their scores. Horrendous idea and I can’t imagine the producers agreed to it. Annoying as hell.

Sasha seems like a very sweet girl – I like her. No idea that’s how you pronounce her last name.

Smile girl!! I thought that was a very good first dance. Well done. About halfway through she started thinking too hard, I think. But well done.

Time for Drew – love him, love Emma. Karate Kid. LOL.

Emma’s dress is gorgeous. Drew suffers from he problem all very tall men have – he gets a littlfewild. What I appreciate about him is that he’s GOING for it. Full out. Not afraid, not shy, not dancing small. I dig it. I don’t know how long he’ll last, but I’ll enjoy it while he’s here.

Vibrant is an excellent word for Barbara, Keo. I LOVE her. We’ll see if it gets to be too much after a while.

Cool graphics. Coat almost didn’t come off. Horrible cha cha song. Ugh. But she certainly has the personality to sell it. I think she lost her place there a bit in the middle.

Sexual turn on??? LOLOLOL….Bruno just got topped. A 14 is their score. Compared to the others thus far, that’s about right, sad to say.

Jordan Fisher is up next!! Let’s go Jordan. And, psssst…bring Lin-Manuel Miranda to rehearsal please. Pretty please.

And he’s cute and charming too!! Like the Val impersonation. 😉

Lindsay uses the stairs the right way – how refreshing. Don’t stick your butt out, Jordan – but other than that, EXCELLENT! Great first dance. Very well done. First 7s of the night???

Yep. 🙂 Jordan gets a 22. And that’s about right, even considering the low scores previously.

Why is Nick getting a special interview with Tom?? Just because of Drew from many years ago? Ridiculous. Yeah…not a fan. Pimp, pimp, pimp….hahahahaha…gotta love Peta pointing out her greater number of MBTs. 🙂

First couple to use the troupe – not surprised. He’s doing well, but he’s not even close to as natural as Jordan and he has the easier dance. Peta gave him decent choreography.

It’s going to piss me off is he scores better than Jordan. Oh god, more couple stuff. OVER it. Why are all four of them standing up there? I suppose that will happen when Vanessa dances as well?

And he gets an 18 which is fair – I can live with that. Now…Vanessa…

I have to say….I so much prefer Maks over Val it’s not even funny. I can find Maks amusing. And Vanessa and he are going to be an interesting, entertaining team.

Horrible use of the stairs again. Why. didn’t care for the baby stuff i the beginning. Typical Maks time wasting. That was a very solid dance. And she bested her husband in my opinion. She’s more brooke than she is denise by a long shot.

Lord. Nikki is smokin’ hot. And I say this as a straight woman.

And Vanessa gets a 21 – very fair. LOL – Tom: Maks got married, had a baby and someone took his personality. Bwah!

Next up Frankie and Witney. He reminds me of Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad. Love his face when Witney said “You know you’re as old as my dad?”

Love this song so much. And I called Harry Styles a massive star from day one on that British singing show. Watched via live stream.

Anyway, respectable job by Frankie – lovely dance. Didn’t seem nervous to me. Shut UP, CAI. Jaysus. Agreed with her comments though. Score: 19 Seems fair. I like it.

Nikki and Artem up next and it’s safe to say he’s happy.

She’s certainly got the hip action. She needs some work on that kick – kinda throwing the leg away with no control. But other than that, she’s pretty damn good. LOVE the flip of Artem. Genius.

Nikki gets a 20 – seemed pretty fair. Gotta fix the kicks. She’s got potential though.

Derek is up next…and I love his momma, so excited for him to be on DWTS. Telling him that “Len watches the feet”. LOL

How tall are Sharna’s heels? She doesn’t seem that much shorter than him. This is some creative staging…and holy shit the lifts and that ending move was stunning! Wow. He did very well also – great dance!! Very good dance. He did great out there on his own.

Derek is up next…and I love his momma, so excited for him to be on DWTS. Telling him that “Len watches the feet”. LOL

How tall are Sharna’s heels? She doesn’t seem that much shorter than him. This is some creative staging…and holy shit the lifts and that ending move was stunning! Wow. He did very well also – great dance!! Very good dance. He did great out there on his own.

Derek gets a 6, 6, 6 for a total of 18. Again, that seems fair.

By the way…Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted for Jordan. Everyone go beg him to show up to DWTS rehearsals. Please? For me? You don’t understand how much I luuuuuvvve him. 🙂

Victoria is very pretty. Val, GOOGLE before you meet your partner.

Again with the horrible cha cha song. She’s missing some steps and her leg placement is weird, which may be due to the fact that she doesn’t have feeling in them. Was that dance really short or was that just me.

I’ve always had a fondness for those fringe pants. I think CAI is a bit over the top. Her legs were not that crisp and clean – but not bad.

She gets a 19 – which is about right.

Something about Lindsey’s violin is just so amazing – it makes me happy to hear it. She and Mark are cute together.

Whoa – good legs. She’s very sharp as well. Consumate performer. Love her face. And she’s got some swag as well.

Best dance of the night. That was amazing!! Very well done and Mark’s fingerprints were all over that choreo-it was him.

Lindsay is tied with Jordan at the top of the leaderboard – as it should be. Those two are quite far out in front of the rest.

My top two of the night. But I also thought Vanessa was quite good, as was Victoria. The athletes also killed it and I though Barbara was hilarious. Really, there were no stinkers.

But next week will be the real test – from here on out, they only have a week to learn a dance. Most have probably done some work on week 2, so week 3 will be really interesting.