DWTS Season 25 Week One Pre-Show Facebook Chats, Interviews, Blogs, And Previews Before Show Time

Things are really starting to steam up before show time. To see what I mean, see the Dancing With The Stars facebook page with some live facebook chats with Sasha Farber, Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews HERE.

Also, Cheryl Burke is really excited to be back this season as you know. You can read a Dancing With The Stars preview from her at Yahoo. I’ve always enjoyed her blogs. Here’s a take. Be sure to read the link for lots more.

My partner, Terrell Owens, and I started kind of late in the game. He just signed on, so we haven’t gotten to 100 percent know each other yet. We didn’t get that three-week grace period of training like everybody else did, but so far Terrell is just such a hard worker. And I’ve always said out of everybody I’ve danced with, I prefer athletes because of their hard work and determination and them just wanting to get it. What’s so great about athletes is they know how to be coached. They don’t get their feelings hurt. And I’m known to be a hardcore coach, and it’s basically tough love with me, so I don’t have to walk on eggshells with these athletes, especially with Terrell. Because if anyone can handle me, it’s definitely Terrell. I definitely don’t hold back with him. I really push him hard, and he can handle it.

It’s nice winning, but I have to say for me now, I love being able to change the audience’s perception of who my partner is. Which is why I came back last year for Ryan Lochte. Which is why I came back for Terrell Owens. These people have been labeled as certain personalities, and I love finding out that’s not who they really are. They’re really quite the opposite. It’s great to win a mirrorball and all that, but I love being able to change people’s lives and change people’s opinions on certain personalities I dance with.

Our first dance is the cha-cha, and we’re dancing to the song “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” by the Temptations. This cha-cha is just about having fun and really showing you Terrell Owens behind the mask. Terrell’s fans will recognize a little end zone dance that he did. We’re definitely adding moves in this dance that you’ll recognize from when he would celebrate a touchdown.

I’m also looking forward to Latin Night. Latin dancing is something I specialized in when I competed back in my day, so I just love that we celebrate Latin night on Dancing With the Stars. It’s my specialty, it’s something I feel very comfortable with, and I think with Terrell being my partner, hopefully, we’ll do great. Hopefully we won’t be eliminated before that night!

And here’s a fun interview with Drew Scott and why he decided to dance. His wife is so cute.

Isn’t this a fun preview with Artem and Nikki Bella….

Lastly, I can’t get enough of these two jamming together. Watch out, we’ll get to hear this next week….

Stay tuned to the spot below. We may post more later….

ETA: I can’t get enough of these two either…