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PureDWTS Season 25, Week 1 – Power Rankings

So we end the season premiere of DWTS’ 25th season (and my 17th season blogging!) and I’m left feeling possibly the most vague and uncertain I’ve ever felt about a season before – about the only thing I feel fairly confident in saying is that Lindsey & Jordan will likely be the last two standing, as I’ve already expressed. But the rest of them? None of them suck terribly, per se, but not many of them really sparkle, either…at least not yet. I think we’ll get a clearer picture of where the audience’s heads are at next week, after eliminations 1 & 2, and after the celebs have had a few more dances and another week to let everything marinate.

I had to chuckle a bit when Tom announced that only (1) judge would be critiquing each couple – I think I may have said out loud “Yeah, good luck with that!”, as we all know that the judges just LOVE hearing themselves talk.  And sure enough, whichever two judges didn’t get to give a full critique to a specific couple gave a quick one before throwing up their scoring paddle – Carrie Ann in particular looked like she was about to implode if she didn’t get to offer her opinion of a dance. Why they did this, I’m not sure – could have just been a time-saving measure, could have been an attempt to appease an audience that seems to grow increasingly bored of the judges’ pious soap-boxing – but I’m glad they did it, because probably 80% of what the judges say anymore seems like scripted filler. Less talky.  More dance-y.  Me likey 🙂

Wish I could say I was as pleased with the scoring, which on the whole seemed to error on the conservative side, and wasn’t always what I would consider congruent with the quality of dance we were seeing. There may be an agenda in play – particularly with regards to our married couple(s) and possibly Jordan – but like so many other things, I don’t think it will become fully clear until we’ve gotten a few weeks under our belts and can identify some patterns. The score distribution is pretty dense, though – seems like a good chunk ended up in the 17-19 point range. And having scores bunched up so closely can often lead to some unexpected eliminations…

…other observations? I thought Erin looked stunning last night – for once, her dress was on-point. The whole “married couple vs. married couple!” schtick has already worn thin and has reached the point of beating a dead horse…and we’re only in week 1! Unfortunately, I don’t see it ending until one of them goes home – and that could be awhile. Opener was cute and fun, but not really all that different from the past few seasons’ openers we’ve seen – not sure there’s a whole lot else they can do to keep things fresh.

Just a reminder for those of you that have been here before, and a crash course for those that haven’t: the power rankings are NOT just a ranking of who danced the best, or who is the most popular, or who has the most fans, etc.  It’s a comprehensive ranking, where I try to take into account scores, memorability, popularity, running order, technique, etc. – basically anything and everything that could affect whether a couple stays or goes.  Top of the list are the couples I think are the LEAST likely to get eliminated; bottom of the list are the ones I think are most in danger of getting eliminated. So please – don’t be “that guy/girl” that shows up in the comments and starts in with “Your rankings are wrong, [insert couple here] scored better than [insert another couple here], so they should be higher in your rankings!” It’s not all about the scores, folks – we appreciate nuance around here 🙂 Shall we begin? Read more..

September 19, 2017 I Written By

Ultrasound sales specialist by day, semi-knowledgeable DWTS fan by night...with a smattering of hair & makeup enthusiast, occasional model, baker, and crazy cat lady peppered in to make things REALLY interesting ;-) I might pee my pants in happiness if Donnie Wahlberg ever does DWTS - or if they ever use "Sunglasses at Night" as a paso doble.

HQ Photos Of Dancing With The Stars Season 25 Week 1

I always love looking at the performance photos every season. Aren’t these beautiful? Click the photos to see even more…

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Embed from Getty Images

And these too… Read more..

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"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" ~ Martha Graham. That's what DWTS makes me think of every Monday night. To read more about me and my other interests, see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.

PureDWTS Season 25 Week 1 Media, Recaps, Scores, and Interviews After The Dances

Wow! Where do I start? First of all, I want to thank the producers of Dancing With The Stars for not getting any political figures to dance this season and trying to cause friction and alienate fans like the Emmy producers did Sunday night (stupid!). Instead, we are getting a season of “celebration” just like Tom Bergeron teased a few weeks ago. I have to say, I am loving all the contestants so far. They are all so different and fun. More on that later in Courtney’s Power Rankings post. 😉 For now, let’s review the scores;

Lindsey & Mark 22 (7, 8, 7)
Jordan & Lindsay 22 (8, 7, 7)
Vanessa & Maks 21 (7, 7, 7)
Nikki & Artem 20 (7, 7, 6)
Victoria & Val 19 (7, 6, 6)
Frankie & Witney 19 (7, 6, 6)
Sasha & Gleb 18 (6, 6, 6)
Derek & Sharna 18 (6, 6, 6)
Nick & Peta 18 (6, 6, 6)
Debbie & Alan 17 (6, 5, 6)
Drew & Emma 16 (6, 5, 5)
Terrell & Cheryl 15 (5, 5, 5)
Barbara & Keo 14 (5, 4, 5)

To watch the dances again, see (these videos work internationally) and the official Your Tube page.

Ok, onto some media, recaps, and interviews. First up, see People. I loved what Victoria Arlen said of her dance below. Be sure to read more from others at the link;

“I feel like as much as it was seven years ago, I can go right back there and I saw a particular clip of me in the hospital and suddenly I was right back there trying everything to get something out of my legs,” said Arlen, who was visibly emotional and wiped away tears before performing. “To have watched this show through those challenging times and to finally be here, and then to look over and Val was getting emotional too, I was like, ‘I’m about to dance here in pink fringe and sparkles.’ It was just very surreal and incredibly emotional and far beyond anything that I could ever imagine. It was one of those moments where I just thought, ‘I’m really glad I lived.’ ”

Although Arlen admitted that the dance was a “challenging” one to learn, she is proud of herself for achieving her goal.

“I did it. I survived and made it. I climbed to the top of the mountain and my feet did what I needed them to do. It was incredible. It was just something – you set these dreams when you’re little and you never imagine the things that are going to take place that will derail everything,” she shared. “And to be so derailed and for it all to fall apart just to come back and be better and sparklier and just to nail it was incredible. I was like, ‘Don’t cry on national television, Victoria.’ But I did.”

ABC7: Read more..

I Written By

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" ~ Martha Graham. That's what DWTS makes me think of every Monday night. To read more about me and my other interests, see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.