Dancing with the Stars Season 25, Week TWO – Live Blog

So, who’s going home tonight?? If you want to hear my thoughts on the matter and you have some time to kill before the show, you can read Dancing by the Numbers. 🙂

Big mistake to use this song. Any dance can’t hope to stand up to Season 5’s opener.

Injured parties tonight are Drew and Vanessa – keep that in mind when watching them dance.

First up, Debbie. Like her attitude thus far.

Pretty good dance even though there is a lack of body contact and her legs looked a bit weird at the beginning.

As I said in DBTN, I wonder if a couple going first is a sign from producers to underscore that couple – because it’s pretty damn consistent, such that you’d think they’d notice it. Anyway, Len didn’t comment on the body contact issue? Lots of ass kissing going on makes me a bit scared for her. But she did do a good job at the same time, so I guess we’ll see.

Debbie gets a 20 which is pretty darn good for going first. No Erin interview. I think I’ll try to keep track of that tonight.

Nikki is up next with Artem. Gorgeous dress. Wardrobe is doing a great job tonight so far. I hope they’re not making Nikki in to cannon fodder in order to keep others around longer.

Doing a beautiful job, but Artem needs to work on her leg kicks. I don’t know how to explain it, but she throws it away.

Len wants more in hold – I can’t hate him for that as I tend to agree.

Nikki gets a 21 and gets an interview with Erin – so she’s doing good. 🙂

I see Mark’s…interesting wardrobe choices are starting early this season. 😀

I wish I could pull off the hairstyles that Lindsey does – very cute. So there is a method to Mark’s madness – a butterfly.

Damn, she is a really good dancer. Might get some flack for that costume change bit. And Mark broke hold – big trouble and not a good idea this season. But damn, she’s amazing.

Yep, Len called the breaking hold but he was very nice about it. He’s on the good drugs tonight. I think this show has missed Mark and without Derek, he’s needed.

Lindsey isn’t getting Erin time but she is getting good extended Tom time, so that helps. And Lindsey gets a 21. Very good, but should be a point higher, IMO.

Ooops. Almost missed Barbara when I flipped over to SYTYCD. Oh, Barbara – I’m sorry. Don’t listen to those judges.

She’s having fun with the dance anyway. She moves a little small, but it wasn’t horrible. Loved the bit at the end.

Judges are being very nice to her – not a good sign. And she gets a 17 with Erin time.

Nick and Peta doing a foxtrot to Barry Manilow’s Mandy…which doesn’t seem very foxtrotty to me.

He’s rushing a bit. But a vast improvement from last week. I think he won’t do well at latin but his ballroom is nice.

I didn’t even notice the stumble in the middle due to the dress. Agree with Carrie Ann, he did improve. I didn’t even notice the stumble in the middle due to the dress. Agree with Carrie Ann, he did improve. And here’s the trick – they get judges comments and time with Tom…and will get their scores and Erin time after the commercial. Nice extended camera time there. :::rolls eyes:::

So we’re going to do the dual pimpage of the couples every single week?? Was it this bad with Alexa and Carlos??? I don’t think so.

Nick gets a 19…too high, too close to Lindsey. I agree with the person in the comments thinking Nikki and Lindsey shouldn’t have the same score.

Drew up next.  Showin his injury of course. He’s moving pretty good though, in spite of it. Vast improve ment from last week. He needs to get his head facing the right way, and he was still a bit gawky in the beginning but he started killing it toward the end. He also does really well on his own – better than in hold!

You can tell Emma really loves Drew because she’s very protective of him during the judges scores.  J

Drew is getting Erin time…and he gets a 19. Interesting. Did they feel the heat from the very low scores last week?

LOL – Mark Ballas doing Mark Ballas face.

They gonna call that lift on Vanessa?? As per usual in a Maks routine, there is a ton of screwing around and use of the troupe in the beginning of the dance.

Other than that, I would say she was as good as last week but it didn’t seem like there was a lot of dancing. Maybe I was so pissed at this damn website that I missed it.  Vanessa is so goofy it’s impossible to not like her.

But man, this massive pimpage of those two couples is out of control – and a 24??? Are you kidding me?? There is no way that was a better dance than Lindsey OR Nikki. Ridiculous. I wonder if she’s in trouble?? Not for this week but in the coming weeks. They seem to be starting the narrative of “she’s so amazing you should vote for her” that so much of the audience buys into.

Everybody watch out for Frankie, yo. Dude is a GOOD dancer – excellent!! He was all over that dance!

Over aggressive, Len? WTF are you smoking?? First Vanessa gets 8s and now Frankie is too aggressive?? You started the night so well and then you just hit the crack pipe during one of the commercials.

Frankie gets a 23 – which I’m fine with. But again – I think the people dancing in the first hour get overly harsh judging and I have to wonder how planned that is.

TO throwin’ shade at Barbara – the real TO comes out.

Despite the shade and all the whining, that was a decent dance. LOL to Jordan’s face in the sky box when CAI is being her usual idiotic self.

If TO also gets a higher score than Lindsey I’m going to be PISSED. Oh, spoke to soon – Len is going to keep it real.

Sadly, I missed most of Sasha although I did feel sorry for her getting ganged up on.  Looks good on the rewind.

So let me get this straight – Lindsey, who is without question one of the top two dancers on this season, is now in the bottom half of the leader board thanks to massive overscoring of other couples.

So I suspect they’ll give Victoria all 9’s to keep her safe?? Any bets?? Remember all those Maks/Val fans complaining about Bindi talking about her dad or Amy talking about her feet?? Where is their bitching now??

Her legs are way too soft, which I can understand, and she missed a couple steps right at the beginning. Val’s choreo, as usual, leaves a lot to be desired.

Come on – they’ve even showed on replay how soft her legs were and nothing from Len. I guess the producers have put all their eggs in the C-bro basket.

And she gets a 24. She couldn’t TOUCH Lindsey and Val certainly can’t touch Mark’s choreography. This show just pisses me off. To think we had ONE good week.

I love Derek’s mom…and how sweet was it them dancing together?

Not sure how I feel about that dance. He did fine but the choreo was a little to cutesy for him I think.

CAI, after not calling the lift on Vanessa, I think you need to shut up.

In other news, the fam member Kiki got forth place on SYTYCD.  Taylor just got third – I was rooting for her, but I also really love the last two standing.

Jordan – what will they do with Jordan? Since he is the other half of the best two dances this season, will he get underscored?

Great dance from Jordan – was it too sharp for a V. Waltz though?

Yeah, Len is a little luke warm and calls it staccato.  Bruno loves it, of course. I don’t think CAI knows what she’s talking about either.

Jordan gets a 24 and I don’t think he is three points better than Lindsey either. He was about on par with her. Lindsey had the dance of the night and got hosed.

Now for the elimination….

First couple in jeopardy is – Terrell and Cheryl.

Second couple in jeopardy is – Barbara and Keo.

Everyone else is safe.

Eliminated: Barbara and Keo.