Dancing with the Stars Season 25, Week TWO (Night TWO) – Live Blog

Okay, we’re going to try this again after struggling last night. Let’s see if that fix worked or not.

BTW, the Celebrity Family Feud with Sharna, Kym, Sasha, Keo and Lindsay was pretty entertaining, although I missed the first ten minutes.

Nice little opening number in spite of the Chmerkovskiy focus and lack of Ballas.

We start off with Nikki who is looking smoking hot. I hear you on the wine, girlfriend.

“You’re like a nice russian” LOL Nikki…as opposed to?

She looks a bit uncomfortable but she’s handling the dance quite well, I think. Some odd Choreo from Artem. Overall, I enjoyed it. Not sure I’m a fan of the purple lipstick on her.

I kinda think that the judges are being overly harsh – I don’t think it was nearly as bad as they are making it sound. Jesus CAI, it’s week 2 – OF COURSE it’s basic, beyotch.

Nikki gets an 18 – not too bad, but it will likely put her in the danger zone next week.

That Piñata is a recipe for disaster. Waiting for Erin to get nailed should make for an entertaining night.

LOLing to Frankie throwing his leg up on the barre and then the “ouch” that followed.

Victoria and Val up next. Choking him wouldn’t be that bad, Victoria. 🙂 She is really cute and charming. Val making’ me want to vomit, again.

Lift. Just sayin’. That was okay. Not horrible. But Val always makes his rumbas look hard instead of soft.

Len is the only one getting real with the critique. Val has the nerve to say that “times have changed” to Len when he comments on it not being recognizable. Valid critique but of course Val can’t take it. CAI once again ignores a lift (or two) and no one commented on the fact that she missed her one leg wrap and kicked Val in the leg.

Hmmm….I don’t remember anyone else getting a cake on screen on their birthday.

She gets a 20, which is kind of a big gift, IMO. I thought Nikki did a better job but of course got a lower score.

Derek and Sharna up next. Derek is VERY attractive. Very handsome.

I do appreciate that Sharna, unlike some, gets right into the dance. That was a pretty darn good Paso. He had a little soft spot, and he bobbled the end a bit, but pretty damn good.

There are times that CAI makes me want to claw my ears off. And Len is just getting weird. “A kiss without a mustache”?? I think he’s left Tom speechless. And Sharna’s going to cut Bruno, I’m thinking. 😀

Derek gets a 19, which is alright, I guess. I think he was just as good as Victoria but not as good as Nikki who is the underscore candidate for the night.

Sasha is up next and it sounds like we’re going to hear about her struggles tonight.  Good for her losing 15 pounds so far! That’s  a lot to gain in just two years.

Took too long to get the dance started, but her looking into the camera was pretty sexy.  She had a rough moment there at the beginning but then she started to get into it.

Was that an extremely short dance or am I imagining things?? I doubt I’m imagining it. I timed them last season and some couples get short changed.

The judges are gushing over a just okay dance. Didn’t suck, wasn’t amazing. I do think it’s an improvement from previous dances.

Sasha gets a 22 which is a massive amount of overscoring. She was not that much better than Nikki, but she has something Nikki doesn’t have – a new ABC/Disney show that needs to be successful.

Nick and Peta up next with an Argentine Tango.

Wow. Massive improvement from Nick!! He did really good! No noticeable mistakes, he wasn’t too stiff. He seems to be finding his way.

Bruno has something of a point, but he’s doing much better than he has in the past. CAI and Len both much more critical than I think that warranted.

And he still manages a point higher than Nikki with a 19.

Jordan and Lindsay up next. Linds says she tries to avoid Samba.  Jordan, get Lin-Manuel Miranda in the ballroom and I’ll vote for you dude. 😀

Holy crap that was a great Samba. I didn’t want it to end. The dude just knows how to work it. His shoulders seemed a bit too far back in one spot, but that was amazing. Just great.

CAI is right – that is a vibrant partnership and they have great energy.  Len…overly nitpicky. If only he would talk like this to Victoria and Sasha – it’s infuriating.  I would have given that Samba 9s.

Lindsay is killing it in the choreo as well. Jordan gets a 24 which is fair, in context. Surprised Len didn’t low ball after his commentary.

Love Drew – he’s quite funny.  And he has a great body. 🙂 COME ON, camera guys. You have NOT been doing well this season – you just missed a cue and you did too many waist up shots tonight and last night. Get with it.

Okay back to their rumba – the choreo was better than Val’s and I think Drew did a really great job with it. Massive improvement IMO.  Tom looks like he’s going to have an aneurism.  And so am I. Len is on crack, but he does say that it’s Drew’s best dance so far and I would agree with that. That was a good dance.

Oh jesus, stay in your chair, Bruno. I think that Drew deserved better commentary than what he got. that was a decent rumba – best one tonight so far.

By the way, Erin’s dress is horrendous.

Drew gets a 21, which is great!

Debbie up next with Alan.  Alan is doing a decent job by Debbie so far.

Why so many props with some of these pros??

I think she needs to point her toes more because something is a tiny bit off down there. But other than that, I think she did a good job and decent choreo from Alan.

Ah ha, I was right about the feet. Bruno comments on it. CAI and Len like it as well.

Two nights in a row that Debbie gets her score (21) right there with Tom and doesn’t get an Erin interview. Looking rather suspicious. I guess we need to spend all our time on Nick and Vanessa and their partners.

What the hell is Vanessa wearing?? It’s HORRIBLE! Did she dance well? No idea, I was too busy trying to figure out why she was wearing Aladdin pants. Besides, she’ll get totally overscored anyway.

Len nitpicks the hell out of everyone else and straight up says that he’s over looking Vanessa’s mistake. AGENDA MUCH???

Overscored!! She only gets a point lower than Jordan (23)?? No fuckin’ way.

TO is up next and we’re apparently going to hear about his relationship status. Not sure why we’re supposed to care.  He’s single and watches Property Brothers.

He’s definitely got rhythm and swag, but he might be a bit too loosey goosey. Not bad though. I enjoyed it. Cheryl knows how to play this game.

Terrell gets a 19. Not sure how I feel about that – I feel like the dance was better than that. Makes me wonder what they have against him. Maybe I was distracted, but I didn’t hear that much critique.

Lindsey is up next with her Salsa.  She’s apparently a hard worker and that’s how she was brought up. She’s rather hilarious.

Crap, that looked pretty hard for a Salsa and she could give Nikki and Victoria lessons on how to kick her legs up. Very, very well done. Very tough dance.

Bruno is loving it. CAI is right, she is very musical. Len is digging it too. The owe her big time for last night. She’s not going to get Erin time, but she gets extended Tom time.

And she gets a 24 – damn straight. She’s so far ahead of Vanessa though that it bugs that Vanessa is that close to her.

Frankie is up next. And he’s a beast. 14 hours a day. Only 5 is rehearsal but everyting else is prep “for the dance.”

And that’s why he went last, ladies and gents. That was a pretty killer dance and Frankie’s got some unexpected swag. Very good job!! I’m so happy about that dance!!

And the judges loved it as well. Very good choreo by Witney – she’s got her groove back and is giving the other ladies a run for her money.

Since he’s last he gets no Erin time either, but he does score a 9 from Bruno for a high score of 25 for the night.  I can’t get mad at that!

First couple in jeopardy – Nick and Peta.

Second couple in jeopardy – Debbie and Alan.

Everyone else is safe. Well, I didn’t call it this week.

Eliminated: Debbie and Alan.

Well, that’s a damn shame. I thought she had one more week in her. I did say in my DBTN post to watch out for the athletes – and it turns out that I was really right about that.