Dancing with the Stars Season 25, Week Three – LIVE BLOG

One of the great things about DWTS is that it is a moment of fun in a very harsh world these days.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the horrific events of last night in Las Vegas, especially our “Charlie”, John.  Please consider giving blood, no matter where you are – and call your representatives if you, like me, pray for sensible gun legislation.

Perfect start to the show by Tom Bergeron. Pretty fun opening number, I must say.

Maks is dealing with a personal issue?? And no elimination this week. Which means we’ll probably have a double next week.

Fun package from Drew and Emma and a pretty fine dance as well. It’s quite possible that Drew has found his stride. And Drew is cuter than Jonathan.

CAI, he showed how going first is done?? Yeah, let’s see at the end of the night if his score holds up. And he gets a 23. I suspect that won’t hold up through the night.

Derek goes second. Anyone still believe that they’re favoring Sharna for the win??

Derek – still hot. 😉 I’ve always liked this song so it might be my guilty pleasure as well. Dude doing it justice. Pretty decent dance – I feel like he’s improved as well and got into it a bit tonight.

Victoria in the third spot, doing a quickstep. Val hates the song – find a way, dude, relate to your partner. Victoria is just darling.

This song really doesn’t work for a quickstep – couldn’t the producers have picked a different style to go with it?? Dance was okay – pretty good, but I had trouble getting past the song for the style. Too slow for a quickstep. I feel like Val sort of figured it out – he might still get some personal growth out of this journey – in many ways.

Then Val opens his mouth and becomes his own worst enemy. At least he didn’t go the ageist route this week. Something to remember – the average viewer age for this show isn’t too far behind Len.

I love you Tom Bergeron – so much more to the point and non-sanctimonious – take notes Val.

Victoria gets a 22 – that seems fair.

Next is Vanessa – they are truly shaking things up this week and I appreciate that!!

Great bit by Tom and Mark. LOL – Tom looks good as a mime. 😉

Vanessa and Alan up next.

Lift. What style is this supposed to be again?? Cuz I can’t actually tell. She’s a good dancer but that dance seemed extremely simple and unrecognizable. Probably due to the music.

Judges are being extremely kind – I’m still trying to remember what style it was. Jazz?? Not getting it.

Artem and Nikki up next – I’m digging the funny package. 🙂

LOVE how they filmed the opening sequence – very cool. Nikki looks as stunning as usual. Legs looking better than they were – still need improvement though. Pretty darn good dance besides that.

Hi John Cena!! I dig him too. CAI sounds full of crap as per usual. Tad aggressive Len?? Puh-lease. Nikki gets a 21 – Yeah, who are they saving their scores for??

Frankie up next, starting the second how – good running spot for him.

You ARE Awesome, Frankie!!

Fatone making a funny appearance. 🙂 Good choreo from Witney, but Frankie lost a bit of his swag. Just a little. Really enjoyed the dance but he was a bit stiff in spot, he doesn’t have a ton of roll in his body. The boy band parts the samba parts were a little rough. Yes, Bruno nails the word I was looking for – elastic.

I will still say – watch out for Frankie. He could steal this competition when no one is looking.

Frankie gets a 21 – that’s fine by me.

Lindsey is having a rough time – relationship over. But boy, she is just light and happiness – it like radiates out of her. Mark is crazy. Seriously. 🙂

That bed trick was a cute one used in Hairspray Live! VERY GOOD JIVE!! Lots of content, well performed. She better get 8s or 9s – ridiculous. Well done!!

Dance of the season indeed, Len!! Lindsey gets a 27 – that’s a good score and I ain’t mad about it!!

Sasha up next. Not a fan of these Jazz numbers which look like watered down Cha Chas. And this is the second one to night that just seems…simple, without much content at all. It’s an excuse to have no rules or complications.

Agreed with CAI until she started making excuses – seriously, quit it. You should have been waiting for the dancing to start – that’s legit.

Sasha gets a 19 – that’s totally fair, IMO.

Nick is up next…why are they playing ominous music?? His jeopardy was likely a ploy to get him more votes.

Hugh Grant did it better, Nick. Sorry. Do love the cheesy romance skit though.

Not following the workout gear though. How does that tie in with Love Actually?? Or his guilty pleasure? Confused.

This is another Jazz, right?? Which means it has nothing in it?? This dance seemed short and it was actually pretty bad, sorry to say.

OMG – CAI and Len actually raving over this nothing of a dance? How on earth?!?!? Maybe he was going to be eliminated and they are trying to save him – hence the cancelled elimination.

I think 21 as a score is actually rather kind for that dance.

Fairly certain that Lindsey and Mark’s Jive was better than what Jenna and Keo just did.

LOL to Cheryl’s face when she’s watching TO break dancing. Hahahaha…not impressed, that girl.

Well, I really liked that dance from Terrell and Cheryl – very entertaining. Her choreography is always pretty darn good.

Len is complimentary, but has a nitpick that he couldn’t seem to find for Nick – where it was really deserved. Lay off the crack, Carrie Ann. Just. Shut. Up.

TO gets a 7, 7, 7 for a 21. Same score as Nick who did essentially nothing on the dance floor.

Jordan and Lindsey doing a charleston to a superhero theme. The X-Men apparently.

This is what I like about Lindsay, she can take crap music for a Charleston and an X-Men theme and still somehow make it look like a Charleston that is entertaining. Well done. Well danced.

Well, Len, if you were going to be such a hard ass on a content in a style, perhaps you could have started with the crap Jazz routines we saw tonight. You have a shit dance from Nick the exact same score as a brilliant dance, well executed, from Jordan. Perhaps an 8 would have satisfied your petty needs??

Looks like they were under orders to finish the show on time, hence the elimination of the…elimination. That was abrupt.

Alrighty then.