Dancing with the Stars Season 25, Week Four – LIVE BLOG

So, touching or nausea inducing? T-minus 15 minutes till we find out. 😉

I’m digging this opening. Kinda cool.

Mark looks dapper! Love Sasha’s dress. Love Victoria’s as well.

Frankie up first! And he gets Bryan Cranston – love him. Memory loss is scary. That condition is terrifying. Correction – I ADORE Bryan Cranston.

A little mis-step at the beginning of his quickstep, but not a big deal. Good choreo from Lindsay – all the way around, nice dance!! Pretty well done!!

Len needs to stop with the food references. Makin’ me hungry. 🙂 Bruno loves it too. CAI pretty much nails it – he does have joy, of the type that makes me love a dancer. Lindsey has it too.

Frankie gets a well-deserved 24. And Witney looks gorgeous – I love when pros are excited about their scores.

Terrell was a little cutie baby. He’s pretty handsome these days, but sometimes the arrogance puts me off. I go back and forth on him. Or lord, dementia. Terrifying. Grown men crying = me sobbing.

Oh my lord. Grown men with little girls. My heart. I’m so easy. And this song just destroys me.

FANTASTIC dance from TO. Just beautiful. Loved it!! Excellent. This is why you NEVER underestimate Cheryl Burke. She KNOWS how to play this game.

Terrell gets a well deserved 24. And, provided he doesn’t go home tonight, he’s probably safe for a good bit yet. That was just killer. The dance, the emotion, the everything….I’m so f*cking easy at times. 😉

Nikki up next, looking stunning as usual. She’s pretty amazing as well.

Pretty good dance – Artem still needs to focus a bit on her legs, but this dance worked for me, considering the theme. The silks thing was amazing and well controlled. Great job.

And Nikki gets a 24 – I’m cool with that, but think that perhaps TO should have gotten one 9 in comparison.

Nick is up with a dance about marrying Vanessa. :::yawn::: Are Peta’s contemporaries always so…staccato?? He didn’t suck, but it didn’t really work for me like some of the others have. It was a’ight.

Wonder how hard the producers had to prod Vanessa to go down to the dance floor. :::smirk::: Nick gets a 22. That’s fair. I’m not mad at that.

A girl losing her dad is going to kill me every time. I feel you Lindsey. I lost my dad too. It always hurts. I’m crying through this whole package.

Just beautiful…plenty in hold, rise and fall, beautiful choreography.

Oh wow…that effect at the end was just amazing. Fantastic. Well done.

Lindsey scores a 28 – well deserved. I’m saying that a lot tonight, aren’t I??

OMG – eye cancer? Shit. Such a cutie too!

Love the flower on the floor. Derek has a beautiful smile. And finally this is closer to a jazz that lives up to the name. Pretty well done!! Aw, Tatum is all teary eyed. So sweet. I really liked that dance! Very happy celebratory dance.

Oh CAI. Len likes it. Bruno seems to like it. But anyone still thinking they want Derek to win and they’ll start pimping him – examine your thoughts. Cuz it sure seems to be going the OTHER way at this point. Especially after Derek gets a 23.

Obligatory Tour pimpage.

Jordan is up next with 2005 – the year he was officially adopted. His grandparents seem to be stellar people. This is a happy story, at heart. How wonderful.

Okay, this was a pretty damn close to perfect dance. I expect at least one 10. It had heart, the choreo was excellent, it was beautifully danced.

And Jordan get a 29. And Lindsay takes one step closer to the MBT. There is no god if it’s not Lindsey and Jordan as the last two standing.

The girl I can never remember as being on the show is up next…Sasha.

She looks stunning. And you know, she’s a decent dancer. I just wish that Gleb could do something to make her stand out a bit more. Maybe it’s not possible with this cast. Hard to say.

Sasha gets a 24, which is a pretty good score. Not mad at it. I don’t know that it will help her when so many others also have 24s.

Okay, come on, Vanessa! You’re a good dancer – pull this out in spite of Maks. This is a terrifying story – even knowing it turned out okay. Lord, that’s a cute baby boy. All their babies are cute.

Hips, Vanessa!! Lacking a bit there at first. Needs a bit of work there on her legs. Was that dance exceptionally short or was that just me?? Seemed like it was missing a bit of rumba content.

Agree with CAI on the wobble and the getting it back. Len is happy. Bruno loved it too! Score: 24. I’m good with that. And of course Nick shows up on the dance floor. There’s no one that really believes that isn’t instigated by the producers, right?

Drew (and Jonathan) up next. LOL to the HAIR!! Love the long hair. And I would be lying if I didn’t admit to adoring the Property Brothers. I could be called obsessed.

She got it going. Okay, that was an awesome idea bringing Jonathan in there as well. And color me shocked, but she got both of those very tall guys dancing Jive!! And it was good!! That is an incredibly hard, fast dance and both boys pulled it off very, very well. That was good!! I have to admit that I’m actually shocked that Emma pulled that off. Shocked, I tell you.

I think Emma has settled, once and for all, that she is a damn good teacher, because two really tall guys doing jive??

Victoria up next. And her package is horrifying. Poor thing. You gotta love a girl who, when asked about life in a wheelchair, says, “I rocked it”. So awesome.

That was a lovely dance, but Val still needs to find a way to make her legs look less throwaway. Beautiful though – but exceptionally short? That’s the second dance tonight that seemed very truncated. But in any case, Victoria is a beautiful girl and overall a beautiful dancer.

But dang…why was it so short?? And she gets a 27. That was over scored by about 2 points, but now shock there, eh?? It wouldn’t be DWTS if we didn’t pimp a C-bro.

First couple in Jeopardy: Nick and Peta

Second couple in Jeopardy: Derek and Sharna

Everyone else is safe. Hmmm… I was wrong yet again. Eliminated person is….

Derek and Sharna. Well, fuck. I had hoped that the obvious producer agenda wouldn’t come true. Now I’m pissed.