PureDWTS Cast Rumors & Watchout – Ayesha Curry Says She’s Been Approached to Do DWTS, Might Do It In The Future

I’m gonna go ahead and file this one under “watch out in the next few seasons”, because as we’ve seen, some stars spend several years as cast rumors until the time is right.

Cookbook author Ayesha Curry (who’s also married to NBA star Steph Curry) stopped by ET to talk about her new cookwear line, and gave this answer when asked if her husband would ever do DWTS:

Asked whether her husband of six years, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, would ever entertain joining the show down the line, Curry joked that someone in their immediate family is desperate for him to put on the dancing shoes. “I don’t  know if he would make the decision to do it, but his mom really wants him to do it,” she said with a laugh.

The 28-year-old mother of two shared that she’s actually been asked to compete on DWTS.

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but I have been approached to do it and I chicken out every single time,” Curry revealed. “I’ve got two left feet.”

While Curry isn’t shy about posting videos of her dancing or grooving to music on social media, she insists she doesn’t have rhythm — though, we beg to differ!

But she didn’t fully shut the door on a future DWTS appearance, saying she’d “maybe” do it in due time. “Down the road… in a couple of years,” she said. “The only motivator for me, in my mind, is that I would get in phenomenal shape and that’d be a great perk.”

So it sounds like she’s not completely ruled out the possibility of doing the show – although I doubt that matters, because as we’ve seen, a “no” can become an “ok, fine!” if the price is right (looking at YOU, Nick Lachey). I wouldn’t mind seeing her – I think she might actually be the type of calm, focused partner Keo would need to make it past the first couple weeks of the season. Thoughts?