New Pure DWTS Server

We just moved to a new server. If you can see this post, then you’re seeing the new server. It may take up to 24 hours or more for what’s called DNS to propagate and for everyone to see the new site. In the process, we lost a few of the comments that were made today. Sorry to those of you who lost comments. I think there were only about 10 comments lost.

Thanks everyone for your patience with the site lately. We know it’s been slow during the shows. Hopefully, this new server will be better, but we’ll see. We won’t know until traffic spikes at show time.

Also, since we moved servers, please let us know if you see anything weird. It’s possible that some stuff didn’t get transferred well or needs some tweaking. It seems like it’s working pretty well, but let us know if you see anything that’s different.

Now back to the show!