Dancing with the Stars Season 25, Week FIVE – LIVE BLOG

Is everyone ready for a night full of ear worm music and questionable judging?

Gooooood. 🙂

Ummmm….sound?? This channel had it a minute ago.

Mark defying expectations…it appears he has no crazy costume. Opening number was rather boring.

Geez, it ain’t the halfway point! You still have 10 dancers!!

Looked like a mis-start from Victoria…. they were rather out of sync during a lot of the dance, just in little ways. Kinda simple and a bit boring…perhaps it’s the song.

Len is waxing poetic…but there really wasn’t that much to it. I guess they got the memo??

That dance got a 27??? Vanessa and Nick must really be in trouble if they’re working that hard to keep Victoria safe. Sad.

Okay, Maks as the 7 Dwarves is pretty f@cking funny, I have to say. 😀

That was a pretty waltz! A bit…sticky…in places but I liked it better than Victoria’s, and I think it was better danced.

Vanessa gets a 24, which is fair..and is what Victoria should have gotten. What is their game? I thinking that Victoria is the only Fam partner which still has a shot at this point and they want to make sure she stays.

Lindsey up next and looking gorgeous…and not dressed strangely. Who is this Mark? 😉

That was so far above either Vanessa or Victoria – beautiful. And the bridge in the middle was fantastic. The hold was great, and it wasn’t just Mark – Lindsey sold the SHIT out of that dance. She is Tinkerbell.

Someone explain to me how Victoria’s dance gets the same score as Lindsey’s? At least Len came through with the 10.

Okay I saw the beginning of that Troupe number 3 times…stream kept going back to commercial and it’s still happening. WTF is going on here?

Yeah, my feed is skipping. I’m going to have to take some action here. Okay, lost my feed…trying to get it back.

Okay, got a feed but it’d on commercial. I guess I missed Nick completely? What was his score?

Drew is up wth his V. Waltz from the Muppet Movie.

DWTS ruining children’ lives by putting them BEHIND Kermit!! :::sigh:::

Very pretty dance from Drew and Emma – he’s not a GREAT dancer, but the thing is he’s really enjoying himself and having a great time. That is more than half the battle. He did really well with that dance and Emma is really doing right by him, giving him stuff that makes him look really good. He is getting better every week!

LOL to Kermit’s little tiny 10 paddle.

Totally missed Sasha and Gleb thanks to my skippy feed…she got a 24. You all tell me if she was worthy of it.

Cheryl and TO up with Lion King next…

Pretty decent quickstep from TO…but the staging at the end was crap. I couldn’t see a thing. That could be my shitty stream but it’s pretty clear when it’s working well.

I think I agree with CAI – Terrell does seem different, like he’s clicked. He’s not the dancer that some of the others are, but he’s definitely in the top half of the pack.

Next week is movie week. Ugh. Can we just have fucking dancing??

TO gets a 25. I think the 9 was pretty damn generous, but if we’re talking about a night where Victoria gets 3 of them I guess it’s plausible.

Checking out Nissan Stadium and downtown Nashville on ABC and I must say it’s looking gorgeous. Nice town I live in. 🙂

Whoever mentioned Robert Roldan dancing with the troupe, you were correct. He is there and as handsome as ever. Gorgeous. Loved him on SYTYCD this past season.

Frankie and Wit up next with an AT. Witney being her usual self. Frankie is reminding me of Jessie in Breaking Bad. 🙂

Gonna have my wench by my sided. Bwahahahahaha…

Well, dang. Witney is really doing right by Frankie – the female pros this season are basically killing it right along side Mark. That was a damn good AT! I’m shocked, but I think I shouldn’t be at this point in the game. Boy is an actor. Great job!

And Frankie gets a 29!! That was a damn good dance! I don’t know if it was a 29…but it was really good.

Can we PLEASE have Lin Manuel Miranda with Jordan’s dance? He’s the one that wrote the song. He’s SEXY and so uber talented. I wanna see him.

Jordan and Lindsay dancing to a track cuz I recognize Lin’s voice ANYWHERE. 🙂 Excellent dance from the two of them. Stripped down. Is it just me or are the really good choreographers going without any troupe tonight? With the exception of Cheryl?

Good dance! CAI…the dance was going long?? Are you on crack? They don’t have control over that!!

Len: “Cuz I’m cool” LOL.

Mmmmm…not actually Jordan’s song, I don’t think, per the Music academy. Feel like it belongs to Lin Manuel Miranda.

Jordan gets a well deserved perfect score!

Nikki up next – the only person to not get a current movie. Kinda hosed. LOL to Artem in the pink skirt.

Do they really call her Coco or did the producers feed her that line and she went with it?

This is kind of a travesty. Nikki is capable of so much more and they well and truly fucked her over here. The song didn’t fit with the rest of the night, the dance was just okay – not her fault. To top it off, they label that a Jazz because they can’t seem to find a way to get legit dances with legit songs because they are so determined to work these damn theme nights.

:::sigh::: I’m just kinda pissed off by the whole “jazz” idea and then seeing something that looks nothing like jazz.

She gets a 27 and everyone on the stage is acting like they all know that that isn’t a 27 dance. I’m very irritated.

Here we go…

Jeopardy – Sasha and Gleb

Jeopardy – Frankie and Witney!?!?!?!?

Eliminated: Sasha and Gleb

Well, Sasha was one of my two choices to go this week – I have a very hard time believing that Frankie was actually in jeopardy. I think they might be saving Nick/Vanessa for jeopardy next week.