PureDWTS Season 25 Week 5 Interviews, Recaps, Scores, And More After The Dances

Well, Disney Night was another winner for me on Dancing With The Stars. The contestants and producers always outdo themselves. My fave dance of the night was Frankie and Witney! I never thought he could pull off a role like that, but, he did and so powerfully and sexy. *shock* I loved Mark & Lindsey and Jordan & Lindsay too. I also have to give props to Gleb and Sasha. They went out on a high note. That was their best dance of the season in my opinion. I loved her message all season and she looked beautiful.

Let’s review the scores….

Jordan & Lindsay 30 (10, 10, 10)
Frankie & Witney 29 (10, 9, 10)
Lindsey & Mark 28 (9, 10, 9)
Nikki & Artem 27 (9, 9, 9)
Victoria & Val 27 (9, 9, 9)
Drew & Emma 25 (9, 8, 8)
Terrell & Cheryl 25 (9, 8, 8)
Vanessa & Maks 24 (8, 8, 8)
Sasha & Gleb 24 (8, 8, 8) Eliminated
Nick & Peta 22 (7, 8, 7)

If you missed seeing the show, see Idolxfactor.com (these videos work internationally) and the official Your Tube page. Don’t miss some behind the scenes videos at the official Facebook page.

To start off with interviews and recaps, see ABC7. Also according to ABC7 next week’s theme is “A Night at the Movies”. Sitting in as guest judge will be Shania Twain. Also see People and Glamour for their recaps.

FOX411 has a recap and some fun interviews HERE and HERE on the night. In this take Drew talks on the weight he’s lost. Note how he flew to New York right after the show last night. Shew….

However, she’s not the only one who has downsized thanks to dancing; backstage, “Property Brothers” star Drew Scott told Fox News he’s lost 30 pounds.

“It’s a lot. I’m seeing my abs like I’ve never seen them before, yeah,” Scott exulted.

“But I’m eating a lot more now just because I need to keep that weight on. This is like back in my high school and college days. I could eat like a horse and never put on weight,” tall and gangly Scott told reporters.

“I want to keep [the weight] off where I am now. I just love this, but instead of going to the gym to do weight training, I’m getting all the cardio and everything I need here.

“I haven’t done cardio like this since I was a teenager,” Scott said, with dance partner Emma Slater by his side.

Because of work commitments, Scott doesn’t have time to go to the gym: “Literally, I fly out in an hour, I have to head to New York,” he said on Monday night after the “DWTS” Los Angeles taping.

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Be watching Extra, ET, ET Facebook, E Online, FOX411, People, and Access Hollywood in case they post more recaps or interviews later.

ETA: Sasha and Gleb on GMA…